From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Meal

Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Meal

Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Meal

Published March 2, 2019

Watching Iceland come into its own as a dining destination over the past five years has been a joy. The Icelandic restaurant scene is diversifying, and the definition of what may be deemed “Icelandic cuisine” is broadening and taking on new shapes. Thanks to this new-found culinary confidence—and the added footfall of tourism—this tiny scene is experiencing an unprecedented moment of opportunity. Whether it’s carefully-pleated Sichuanese vegan dumplings or exploratory tasting menus at Nordic fine dining houses, the bandwagon has room for demanding diners. Our hand-picked panel of picky gourmands have sought out the very best of Reykjavík dining to help you navigate the gastronomic waters of the capital area. From budget bites to fanciful fare, we’ve got you covered.

Best Vegan Meal

Laugavegur 28

One of the persistent faves with the local vegan community, despite not catering solely to vegans, Sumac’s Middle Eastern-inspired fare makes it the vegan destination to beat. No insipid ‘nut steaks’ in sight here: instead, the kitchen treats vegetables as the star of the show, eggplants are grilled to silkiness, the cauliflower roasted whole; often draped with bright pomegranate arils, it’s a treat for anyone. Ask for the Lebanese wine; the interesting backstory of its harried continuance seals the outing.


Laugavegur 59

While neither exclusively vegan nor vegetarian, Nostra is inclusive in a way that illustrates the future of fine dining. “Vegetables are built into the place, not simply an afterthought,” said the panel. It’s worth pointing out that Nostra is one of a handful of restaurants that have a dedicated vegan-vegetarian menu, so “the entire table can enjoy a tasting menu together, with none of that mixed diet awkwardness.”


Tryggvagata 22

Newcomer One of our few exclusively vegan places, Veganæs shows how vegan food can be just as down-and-dirty as a burger joint. “You don’t need to have a yoga mat under your arm when you go there,” said the panel. See vegan food in a new light, and catch a goth drag show while you’re at it.

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