From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Burger

Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Burger

Best Of Reykjavik 2019: Best Vegan Burger

Published February 28, 2019

Watching Iceland come into its own as a vegan dining destination over the past five years has been a joy. The Icelandic restaurant scene is diversifying, and the definition of what may be deemed “Icelandic cuisine” is broadening and taking on new shapes. Thanks to this new-found culinary confidence—and the added footfall of tourism—this tiny scene is experiencing an unprecedented moment of opportunity. Whether it’s carefully-pleated Sichuanese vegan dumplings or exploratory tasting menus at Nordic fine dining houses, the bandwagon has room for demanding diners. Our hand-picked panel of picky gourmands have sought out the very best of Reykjavík dining to help you navigate the gastronomic waters of the capital area. From budget bites to fanciful fare, we’ve got you covered.

Best Vegan Burger

Tryggvagata 22

Veganæs has answered the prayers of those yearning for diner fare that also happens to be cruelty free. Despite towing the seitan line, the Spicy Seitanic Burger is crunchy, spicy, greasy and oh so satisfying. Vegan cheese meltiness issues aside, this is a toothsome burger and the accompanying fries are fancy with their herby frills. The cocktail sauce is also on the money, so mayo-deprived vegans can shed tears of joy. Who knew a vegan dive-bar could be this much fun?


Roadhouse Reykjavik
Snorrabraut 56

When the panel praises a vegan burger as a “divine guilty pleasure,” you better believe it. Roadhouse’s celery root burger is a beacon of vegan-friendly hope in a mock-meat world. Relying on the inherent blandness of celery root, the grill lends it an unexpected smoky complexity. Simply delicious.


Hofsvallagata 52

Newcomer With one of Iceland’s most popular rappers behind the team, Hagavagninn opened shop in place of the old west side hotdog stand. Their vegan burger has a fan following thanks to the fat, juicy patty. The pickled red onions add pizazz. As our vegan panellist confirmed: “it tastes even better after a dip in Vesturbæjarlaug.”

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