Wikileaks Movie Script Leaked To Wikileaks

Words by Paul Fontaine
The full script for the movie currently being shot about Wikileaks has been leaked to Wikileaks itself.

As the Associated Press reports:
Julian Assange says he has obtained a leaked copy of the script for "The Fifth Estate," a DreamWorks film about the maverick computer expert and his famed secret-busting site. In a speech before the Oxford Union debating society earlier this week, Assange said his unauthorized sneak peek has left him convinced the film is a hit piece.

"It is a mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks, the organization (and) the character of my staff," he said, adding that the movie — the opening scenes of which Assange described as taking place in Tehran and Cairo — also hyped Western fears over the Islamic Republic's disputed atomic energy program.
Assange would not say who gave him the script, only that he had received it in pieces over time. He also would not say if it would eventually be posted to the Wikileaks website.

Bill Condon, the director of the film, told reporters that the team behind the film want "to explore the complexities and challenges of transparency in the information age" and "enliven and enrich the conversations WikiLeaks has already provoked."

The film is due to be released this November.

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