Krónan Has A Problem With ASÍ Grocery Price Survey

Words by Catharine Fulton
The purchasing manager for Krónan has spoken out against the findings of a report released by the Icelandic Federation of Labour (ASÍ) yesterday, RÚV reports.

As the Grapevine reported, food prices have risen steadily over the past five months since ASÍ conducted its last survey of grocery prices, with fruits and vegetables and meat products experiencing the greatest price increases.

Sigurður Markússon, Krónan’s purchasing manager, claims that there are many errors in ASÍ’s survey implementation, which are conducted by ‘secret shoppers.’

“Firstly, they keep the surveys a secret so that we don’t have the chance to offer an explanation,” he said, adding that at the time of one survey an item might be on sale, but that the next time ASÍ visits the sale may have ended, so the price difference is significant. He also noted that the first quarter of the year is always the most expensive, as all fruits and vegetables are being imported at this time.


Food Prices In Iceland Continue To Rise

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