Icelandic Sex Education Film Released

Words by Paul Fontaine
The Icelandic short sex education film Fáðu já (Get consent) has been released, is free to download, and comes with subtitles in multiple languages.

The film seeks to explain the difference between sex and violence, examine the affects that porn has on human sexuality, dispel misconceptions about sex and encourage self-respect in relationships. It was directed by singer Páll Óskar and written by authors Brynhildur Björnsdóttir and Þórdís Elva Þorvaldsdóttir.

While the film is in Icelandic, you can download it and watch for free here in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Danish as well.

The film was shown in every primary and secondary school in Iceland on January 30, and has already received positive acclaim for its straight-forward approach and use of humour to convey important messages about human sexuality.

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