Bomb Scare On Board Russian Passenger Plane

Words by Paul Fontaine
A Russian passenger plane is currently grounded at Keflavík International Airport after they requested an emergency landing, due to a suspected bomb on board.

RÚV reports that the Aeroflot plane requested permission to land at Keflavík at about 4:30 this morning. According to an airline spokesperson, police authorities in New York alerted the airline that there were five pieces of luggage on board which contained explosive material.

The plane, bound for Moscow, landed in Iceland at 6:30 this morning. All passengers were evacuated, and the plane was cordoned off to a special area reserved for such occasions.

Icelandic bomb experts are to board the plane at around the time of this writing to search every possible part of the plane for explosives. All other flights to and from Keflavík will continue on schedule.

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