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Wednesday January 28th
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  • Young Entrepreneurs Start Business For Acid Attack Survivors In India

    CEOs Kormákur Arthúrsson says that he and Sigurbjörn B. Eðvarðsson they established the company KrummiSpice to ameliorate the situation of women who have suffered acid attacks in India. Interviewed by RÚV, Kormákur said that perhaps the topic could be seen as somewhat random, but that he and his partners had stumbled upon the issue, and

  • Alþingi Members’ Wages Too Low, Warns Vice Member

    On Tuesday, Sigurður Örn Ágústsson, vice member of Alþingi on behalf of the Independence Party, said that work conditions and pay of Alþingi members must be taken up for reconsideration. Sigurður recommends raising his own and other members’ salary. This was reported by RÚV. Sigurður claimed that the basic wages of members of parliaments in

  • Most Serious Case Of Political Corruption Ever, Says Professor

    Jón Ólafsson, professor of philosophy at the University of Iceland, says that the interference of former Interior Minister Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir of a police investigation into her ministry exemplify more serious corruption in Icelandic politics than has ever been evident before. Last week, Alþingi’s ombudsman published the conclusions of his investigation into the former minister’s

  • Paul Kalkbrenner Plays Sónar, Loves Amiina

    Paul Kalkbrenner is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular techno DJs, a legend in his own right. Born in Leipzig, he launched what would become a spectacular career in the world’s techno capital, Berlin, where he still resides. Throughout his career, Paul has produced album after album of hits and bangers, even making his own feature

  • Music For Dark Days

    As Reykjavík society withdraws from the bleak northern winter into a post-Christmas domestic bubble, the city’s cultural calendar looks uncharacteristically bare. But fear not, because for four days in January, there’s an event housed in the warm and airy confines of Harpa, one that uses the darkness to shine the spotlight on the intriguing world

  • The Glacier Tour Is Great (If You’re Not Paranoid)

    “Golden Circle! Langjökull glacier!” Our enthusiastic driver Hjörleifur Kristjánsson, “Hjölli” to us, calls out the day’s destinations as he presents the gigantic truck that will chauffeur us around. His demeanour indicated that the “ooohs,” “aaahs,” and “wows” emitted by the group in response came as no surprise, as he pointed to the extended steps that

  • Women Unprotected As Supreme Court Drops Restraining Orders

    Iceland’s Supreme Court has dropped a restraining order against a man who is suspected of physically abusing his ex-partner and recently confessed to sending graphic sexually explicit videos of her to her work colleagues, reports Vísir. “I was in shock,” said Juliane Ferguson of the verdict. “I thought that the court was allowing him to

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