Monday November 24th
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  • Kontinuum Killed It! DOOMRIDERS Sucked!

    Húrra, Sunday 23/11: Doomriders, Kontinuum and Mercy Buckets The Mercy Buckets’ performance was a first for me. And a first for their front man as well, it would seem, as he was well winded and nearly unable to speak between songs. But in light of their crushing performance, it was but a minor concern. Their

  • Post-Leak Hangover

    Infamously, on November 20th, 2013, Fréttablaðið and published news based on confidential information collected within the Ministry of the Interior. November 21st, 2013, DV points this out, and asks: who leaked an internal Ministry document about an asylum seeker as it seemed intentionally to harm his reputation? A year of “not me”s ensued. Long

  • ‘Austurland: Design From Nowhere’ Wins 1st Annual Design Award!

    A comprehensive project entitled  ‘Austurland: Design From Nowhere’ won Iceland’s first annual design awards, accepting the prize at a ceremony on Thursday. The project was initiated by Pete Collard and Karna Sigurðardóttir, and features designers Þórunn Árnadóttir , Gero Grundmann, Max Lamb and Julia Lohmann.  Two years in the making, Design From Nowhere explores locally sourced materials and craftsmanship in

  • A Spaceship In Iceland!

    A specially prepared Boeing 747 NASA aircraft landed at Keflavík Airport in May of 1983. This would probably not have made any headlines, had the plane not been carried the NASA space shuttle ‘Enterprise’ on its back. This strange flying object passed over Reykjavík before landing at Keflavík, which at the time was, of course,

  • Hanna Birna May Avoid Parliamentary Hearing

    Recently resigned Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir will likely not have to face a parliamentary hearing on the leaked memo scandal, due to her resignation, RÚV reports. Hanna Birna was due to appear in a live and publicly televised hearing to discuss her role in the leaked memo case, as well as answer to allegations

  • Migrant Butchers Working Seasonally In Iceland

    Every year, several dozen butchers commute from provincial New Zealand to rural Iceland – for just two months’ work, reports the BBC. As work commutes go, the journey takes some beating, roughly 22,300km (about 13,850 miles) each way. The roughly 30 butchers travel to Iceland for the lamb processing season, which begins each September. “My


    Hey guess what! Doomriders are back in town! And they’re playing Húrra tonight! This seminal metal band tore our faces off and shook our guts to the core when they burned down Grand Rokk eight years ago (with the help of I Adapt). That show certainly left a mark on a lot of people in Iceland’s metal

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