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Saturday July 12th
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    Sea Cucumber Bubble Pops

    Iceland’s sea cucumber exporting business, a booming industry in its time, is now on the wane. Vísir reports that numerous locations around Iceland that once exported sea cucumbers have had to decrease production or shut down altogether. Seafood company Reykofninn-Grundarfirði ehf. was the first to begin exporting sea cucumbers, in 2005, to east Asian countries

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    Legality Of “Tourist Prices” For Domestic Flights Questioned

    It is unclear whether or not it is illegal to charge Icelanders and foreigners two different prices for the same domestic flights. As reported, Eagle Air (or Flugfélagið Ernir) has two websites: one in English and the other in Icelandic. How much a person is charged for a domestic flight depends on which site they

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    Pamphlets On Civil Rights For Concert-Goers

    An Icelandic civil rights group will be handing out pamphlets at music festivals informing people of their legal rights when confronted by police. Snarrótin, a civil rights group in Iceland, has taken issue with the way police conducted themselves at the Secret Solstice music festival, Vísir reports, claiming that “cultural profiling” was used by police

  • Culture

    Grapevine Live Blog: ATP Iceland – Friday!

    Our ATP Iceland Friday blogging starts…. NOW! 16:55 – Media Hotel, Keflavik – Bob Cluness (BC) Hi-De-Hi campers! i trust everyone is suitable refreshed today and ready to get right on it. Right now the media hotel is empty and calm as we equip ourselves for another night of music, film and self-abuse as part

  • Culture

    Everything Is Way More Sexy In Iceland

    Promoter Tómas Young is the head of ATP Iceland. We dropped him a line to ask about the challenges of staging an international music festival on the outskirts of the inhabitable world. How did you get started in the promotion business? Not sure, actually. Well I was never a real promoter before ATP. I put

  • Mag

    Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

    In a world where size certainly matters, David doesn’t defeat Goliath so often. But so he did—and in great style—one recent Reykjavík morning when the regular guests of a popular swimming pool had to flee to the safety of locker rooms due to the presence of a single rat. Only hours later, a fellow of

  • Mag

    Raccoons In Iceland: A Sad History

    As visitors to Iceland will no doubt soon realise, Iceland’s fauna is not particularly diverse. Several attempts have been made to remedy this fact by importing exotic (at least by Icelandic standards) animals to Iceland, but these trials have not been too successful. In the spring of 1932, an enterprising bookbinder named Ársæll Árnason came

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    Snuff Tobacco Sales Rise

    The sale of nasal tobacco has risen by 36% in the past 6 months compared to the same time last year, reports RÚV. “It is very sad news because of all the positive developments Iceland has made with tobacco awareness in past few years,” said Health Minister Kristján Þór Júlíusson.”Especially with younger people. It’s obviously very

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    Iceland’s Euro Bonds Yield 2.6%

    The six-year euro-denominated bonds Iceland put up for sale in preparation to phase out capital controls have yielded 2.6% and mark a good return to the European market, reports Bloomberg.  “We are happy,” Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson said. “We are refinancing all of our old obligations and the terms that we’ve had so all in

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    Spain Replaces UK As Iceland’s Largest Fish Market

    The sales volume of Icelandic cod to Spain surged 42.9% in the first five months of 2014, replacing the UK as Iceland’s largest market, reports Undercurrent News. According to the latest Seafood Intelligence report for Icelandic cod, sales to Spain were 44,820 metric tonnes, compared to 31,365 tonnes over the same period in 2013. Prices

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    Live Reviews

    Grapevine Live Blog: ATP Iceland – Thursday!

    W elcome to the Grapevine’s live blog action from ATP Iceland! Over the next three nights, we will be keeping you informed of the shenanigans, both legal and illegal, on site. So what’s been happening? 19:35 – Andrews Theater – Atli Bollason (AB): ATP has kicked off. A group of middle-aged social-democrats is playing heavy rock to

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    Costco “Misunderstood” By Some Icelanders

    An Icelander living in Canada told Icelandic radio that the fears of Costco coming to Iceland are based on erroneous information and misconceptions. “I think the discussion has gone in the direction of their being this American company coming here and making huge demands, trying to get around the law, and all that,” Jenný Stefanía

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