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    VIDEO: Holuhraun Best Place For An Eruption

    Holuhraun is the best possible location for an eruption, geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson has told RÚV. Although the magma flow from Holuhraun is considerable and steady, Magnús Tumi does not feel it qualifies as a large eruption. New data indicates that approximately 250 cubic metres of magma is spewing out of the fissure each second.

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    Holuhraun Still Going Strong, Could Last All Year

    The Holuhraun eruption, which began again yesterday with magma plumes as high as 60 metres, is going strong and might see out the year, reports RÚV. “The eruption is comparable to the one we saw from Krafla [in 1975],” said volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson. “At first there was just a tiny eruption then the eruptions got gradually larger

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    Movies & Theatre

    Remembrance and Re-Remembrance

    Following the astounding success of their last collaboration, “Dansaðu fyrir mig,” (‘Dance for Me’), collaborators (and fiances) Pétur Ármannsson and Brogan Davison have used their new show “Petra” to reapproach some of the former show’s more fertile topics—artistic creation and family—while also dipping into the more complicated aspects of memory, autobiography, and storytelling. Debuting as part of

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    Fishing Minister Defends Faroese Snub, Other Icelanders Offer Cake

    The Faroese fishing vessel Næraberg may have been snubbed by authorities, but other Icelanders are helping the beleagured ship in any way they can. RÚV reports that Minister of Fisheries Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson has called the treatment of the Faroese mackerel fishing vessel Næraberg to be based on “a misunderstanding” on why the snub occurred.

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    Holuhraun Volcano Erupts Again

    An eruption has commenced at Holuhraun again, replete with magma plumes some 60 metres tall. RÚV reports that an eruption has re-opened at Holuhraun, just north of Vatnjökull, which began in the early morning hours. As can be seen, this is a lava eruption, and plumes of magma are reportedly reaching heights of up to

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    Poll Decidedly Grim For Interior Minister, Government

    A new poll from Fréttablaðið and Stöð 2 shows about two-thirds of respondents want Interior Minister Hanna Banna Kristjánsdóttir to resign, and trust in her – as well as the government in general – is remarkably low. According to the poll, Vísir reports, which asked respondents if they believe Hanna Birna should resign, 67% of

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    Faroese Receive Cold Welcome In Reykjavík Harbour

    A damaged Faroese fishing ship was intially refused service in Reykjavík Harbour. That situation changed after protests from Faroese and Icelanders alike. Vísir reports that the Faroese mackerel fishing boat Næraberg experienced severe engine trouble on their way from fishing stocks in Greenland waters last Thursday. This prompted the captain to put in a request

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    Musician May Face Hate Speech Charges

    An Icelandic musician who has been an outspoken opponent of the Reykjavík Pride festival may be looking at hate speech charges for his remarks about the LGBT community. Gylfi Ægisson, a musician who has made his opposition to Reykjavík Pride publicly known on more than one occasion, did so again in the comments of a

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    Japan Airlines Returns To Iceland

    Travelling between Japan and Iceland will, for two months at least, be a whole lot easier. Vísir reports that Japan Airlines intends to have six flights from Osaka and Tokyo to Keflavík International Airport in August and September. The first flight landed last Thursday, carrying some 220 passengers. This marks the third year in a

  • Culture

    Go PONG Harpa Now!

    Ever wanted to play arcade classic ‘Pong’ on the massive Harpa facade? Great, because until August 31st you can–so long as you have a smartphone. PONG is an interactive multimedia art piece by Atli Bollason and Owen Hindley. If you go to Arnarhóll (the grassy hill overlooking Harpa with a statue of Iceland’s founding father

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    Mike Leigh Announced As RIFF’s Guest Of Honour

    Acclaimed British film director Mike Leigh has been announced as the Guest of Honour at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF), reports RÚV. His newest film Mr. Turner, about the English painter J. M. W. Turner will be screened at the festival which begins on September 25 and runs until October 5. Leigh, who

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