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Friday October 31st
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  • Brotherly Love

    My brother is a fourteen-carat, stone cold wanker. At age twelve he spoke fluent French, at fourteen he was the fastest 100-metre runner in Ireland for his age, at eighteen, he captained our school choir and won a scholarship to university for academic excellence, by nineteen he spoke fluent mandarin. My name’s Tom and I’m

  • Across the Isle With A Smile

    In true Icelandic fashion, the night’s festivities got off to a late start. Not that anyone minded. As such, there was an air of casualness and joviality that permeated the night—making it the perfect vibe to launch the Reykjavík Comedy Festival. English comedian Sean McLoughlin  MC’d the night, and performed his routine in between acts.

  • Meet The Venues

    So you’re browsing through the Airwaves schedule trying to get a feel for your evening and while you know some of the bands at each place you’re really thinking, “Hey, what’s the vibe like in this place? Is this a venue I can get into?” Well we can’t tell you if you’ll physically access them

  • Best Laid Plans

    It’s somewhat common around this time of year for Reykjavík music lovers to get, in the parlance of our times, “hella planny.” Many locals map their movements during the Iceland Airwaves festival to an uncharacteristically exact degree. A simple “who are you seeing tonight?” can be greeted by “I’ll be watching off-venues at A, B

  • Police Guns Detained By Toll Authorities Until Proven Gifts

    The 250 machine guns, recently acquired from the Norwegian army, have been sealed off by toll authorities, who will not deliver them to the Coast Guard until the latter can prove that the weapons were a gift, as its representatives have publicly claimed. According to RÚV, toll authorities locked up and sealed the warehouse in

  • Adam Ibrahim Pasha Ends Hunger Strike

    Adam Ibrahim Pasha has ended his hunger strike. He announced the end of the strike on Thursday evening, his tenth day striking. Pasha took the action to protest against the Directorate of Immigration’s decision not to process his application for asylum in Iceland. In his announcement, Pasha explains that he respects Icelandic authorities and the

  • “To Write A Saga, You Must Kill A Cow”

    Last night, as reported, director Benedikt Erlingsson and producer Friðrik Þór Friðriksson received the Nordic Council Film Prize for the 2013 comedy “Of Horses and Men”. In his acceptance speech, Benedikt criticized the government for cutting the budget of the Icelandic Film Fund by, he said, 42 percent, this year. Describing the situation as a

  • Bishop Blames Immigration For People Leaving The Church

    Bishop of Iceland Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir believes people leaving Iceland and foreigners coming in contribute to the high numbers of people deregistering from the National Church. Addressing attendees at an ecumenical council last Saturday, RÚV reports, the bishop offered a number of explanations for why more people are leaving than joining the National Church. “One

  • Most Consider Themselves Unsafe Downtown

    Over half of those who responded to a poll done for the police said they feel unsafe downtown after dark or after midnight on weekends. MBL reports that, according to a poll conducted by the Social Sciences Department of the University of Iceland (at the behest of the police), 55% of respondents said they considered

  • Labour Leaders Prepare For Hard Road Ahead

    Leaders of several trade unions say they are getting ready to take a harder stance against management this year, with the need for solidarity amongst workers especially emphasised. The temporary collective bargaining agreement that was agreed upon earlier this year is soon reaching a close, and many professions – such as music teachers and doctors

  • Tips & Tricks From Veterans

      In lieu of writing our annual “Guide To Not Losing Your Shit At Iceland Airwaves,” we decided to solicit advice from some of our Airwaves savvy friends. Best of luck out there! “General rule: If you’re too cold during Airwaves, it means you’re not partying hard enough. Take extra vacation for recuperation, plan out

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