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Wednesday October 22nd
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    Alright. So this surveillance video from the Höfðatorg parking garage in Reykjavík has been making the rounds in Iceland and across the greater internet today, after the garage’s custodian, Albert Guðbrandsson, uploaded it to YouTube (having resisted the urge for an entire three years – now that’s some willpower!). In the video, we can see…

  • Icelanders Object To More Machine Guns For Cops

    Many Icelandic citizens are voicing their opposition to the recent police acquisition of MP5 submachine guns, manifesting in protest and petition alike. Icelanders have long prided themselves as belonging to a peaceful, army-free country. This is being cited by many Icelanders on social media as amongst the reason why they object to recent news that

  • Iceland Gets Closer To 330,000 Mark

    Iceland’s population reached 328,170 at the end of the third quarter of the year, increasing by over a thousand in just three months. Statistics Iceland reports that there are more men than women in Iceland, at 164,710 and 163,460 respectively, and over two-thirds of the total population – or 210,660 people – live in the

  • Icelander To Take Virtual Trip To Mars

    An electric car salesman will soon be the first Icelander to take a virtual trip to the only planet inhabited entirely by robots: Mars. Nútíminn reports that Gísli Gíslason, the managing director of Icelandic electric car company Even, has received a special invitation from NASA to take a virtual trip to Mars. “Yeah, you have

  • Wages Rise 6.2% Last 12 Months

    The wage index rose 6.2% in the last twelve months according to new, September-based, figures from Statistics Iceland. The real wage index, measuring purchasing power, rose 4.3% at the same time. In terms of wages, according to the figures, this year’s September seems to have been 0.7% less cruel than its August.

  • Jewish Iraqi Citizen On Hunger Strike

    On Tuesday, a Jewish citizen of Iraq, first names Adam Ibrahim, declared a hungerstrike “until death”, to protest the Directorate of Immigration’s (UTL’s) negative ruling on his application for asylum in Iceland. In a phone conversation, the man, whose last name will be held back for now, said that he came to Iceland in July

  • Lay Low: New Video, Tourdates

    Humble folk singer-songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, aka. Lay Low, has just released a self-directed video to her song “One Of Those Nights” from the 2013 album ‘Talking About The Weather.’ Lovísa describes the song as “a stripped down hummaby that I wrote after one of those nights back home in Iceland.” Check it out! “Making my

  • Was Literature’s First Man On The Moon An Icelandic Peasant?

    My name is Duracotus and my fatherland Iceland called Thule by the ancients. My mother, Fiolxhilde who died recently left me at leisure to write something which I already ardently desired to do. While she lived she diligently saw to it that I did not write, for she said that there were many malicious usurpers

  • Grúska

    From start to finish, Grúska Babúska’s wobbly, otherworldly self-titled debut is a pleasure to experience. There is something definitively narrative and theatrical about the ten-song collection, whose eclectic instrumentation includes flute, ukulele, guitar, synth, melodica, music box and a range of pitched percussion. The theatrical nature of the record derives from the constant starting, stopping,

  • Music Teachers Strike

    Music teachers are striking, since today, Wednesday. Negotiations A between the Association of Music School Teachers (FT) with the Association of Local Authorities, have reportedly failed, leading to 93% of FT’s 500 members voting in favor of strike-action. Interviewed by RÚV, Sigrún Grendal, FT Chair, said that the teachers’ clear, common goal was terms and

  • Icelandic Police Receive Machine Guns, Glocks

    The Icelandic police force will soon be adding MP5 machine guns and Glock 17 semiautomatics to their arsenals. DV first reported on the matter early this morning. MBL reports that a “substantial number” of MP5 machine guns are in the hands of the police force, apart from the Glock handguns. While it was initially reported

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