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Wednesday September 17th
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    After damn near revolutionizing Reykjavík drinking culture via the beloved Appy Hour app, The Reykjavík Grapevine team has created a new thingamajig that will hopefully prove just as useful for the denizens of Reykjavík and their guests. The new app is called Craving, and has the purpose of granting hungry people freedom from having to spend hours

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    Independence Is Not A Disaster:

    After decades of discussion on the political and economic details of a theoretically independent Scotland, the Scottish citizens finally face the vote that could bring this country into reality. The vote on the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, asking “Should Scotland be an independent country?” will take place this Thursday, September 18, 2014. “We have a

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    Funding Dries Up at the Library of Water

    This year marks the first and only year since its opening in 2007 that VATNASAFN/LIBRARY OF WATER has been unable to fund a writer-in-residence. While one writer, American architect and poet Eric Ellingsen, used the free space this year, the position did not come with its usual stipend. This is due to a familiar story

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    Images Make Music More Tangible

    How important is the visual aspect to how a band or artists presents itself? Is it a necessary factor, or more of an afterthought? Speaking as a fan of music, I would say that the visual aspect always gives some hint of the thought behind a project. The visuals often present an angle on a

  • News

    Nordic Council Literature Prize Moving To Iceland

    The Nordic Literature Prize, which is given out annually to authors for novels in a Nordic language, will henceforth be headquartered in Reykjavík’s Nordic House, reports Vísir. Day-to-day management of the Nordic Literature Prize will be handled by the Nordic House, though it is uniquely placed to do so as it already houses an extensive

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    The Biophilia project has extended its tendrils into many unexpected areas. Its accompanying education outreach programme aims to encourage creativity, whilst using new technology as a gateway to science and music learning. This approach combines the use of cutting-edge apps based on Björk songs like “Virus,” “Crystalline” and “Moon,” with simple exercises designed to be

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    Album review


    I found myself six tracks into Hugar’s self-titled instrumental debut before realizing that the first song had ended. This could mean one of two things: either the lack of lyrical stimulation reaching my brain sent me into an inert mental state, or the neo-classical duo, consisting of producer-instrumentalists Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson, has achieved

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    Chinese Ambassador To Iceland Arrested For Espionage

    Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Ma Jisheng and his wife have been arrested by Chinese authorities on suspicion of espionage, reports the Global Post. As reported, Ma Jisheng, who has been China’s ambassador to Iceland since 2012, left Iceland on January 23 of this year. By all accounts, he was expected to come back the following

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    Strange Activity At Geothermal Spot

    A geothermal location in southwest Iceland has been going through some sudden and dramatic changes. Víkufréttir reports that the geothermal area of Gunnuhver has seen quite a transformation recently. The site, which was once a relatively placid patch of gently bubbling clay and wafting sulfuric steam, is now under police lockdown. All steam has disappeared

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    Former Foreign Minister: Just Hunt The Non-Endangered Whales

    A former Minister of Foreign Affairs has made a novel suggestion to end the current international row over Iceland’s whale hunting practices. RÚV reports that former Minister of Foreign Affairs Össur Skarphéðinsson believes there is a middle way when it comes to whaling: simply hunt the whales that are not endangered: minke whales. In fact,

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    MPs From 5 Parties Behind Keflavík Train Proposal

    MPs from five parties have proposed the Icelandic government explore building a train between Keflavík and Reykjavík, as well as a train for the greater Reykjavík area. Vísir reports that the proposal has speakers from every parliamentary party except the Pirate Party. Leading the proposal is Left-Green chairperson Katrín Jakobsdóttir, followed by Svandís Svavarsdóttir (Left-Green),

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