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  • Reykjavík Forces Its Music Schools Into Bankruptcy

    As you may have heard, Icelandic music teachers recently ended a five-week long strike. The music teachers’ strike was caused by a wage dispute. It was resolved when Icelandic authorities promised music teachers wages equal to those enjoyed by other teachers in Iceland. Now that these demands have been met—even if only to certain degree—we

  • ‘ANNA’ Sets A Contemporary ‘Anna Karenina’ In Iceland

    In new Icelandic short film ‘ANNA’, artist and filmmaker Helga Björg Gylfadóttir masterfully merges love, lust, bisexuality, politics and majestic landscapes. The film is a bold and intriguing take on one of the most celebrated novels of all time, Leo Tolstoy’s canonical ‘Anna Karenina’. And it works! The fact that Tolstoy’s masterpiece is a tome

  • The Encyclopaedia of Icelandic Holidays

    Aðfangadagur (Ath-founga-dager) December 24, Aðfangadagur, is the day Icelanders celebrate Christmas (as opposed to December 25 in most countries). The first half of the day usually goes towards finishing off all of the last-minute preparations, making food, wrapping presents, bathing and putting on nice clothes. Children are often occupied by the television set, as most

  • Icelandic Cat Friends On Reddit Front Page

    The tale of pair of Icelandic cats who became best friends made it onto Reddit’s front page yesterday. The story of the lonely Lancelot who was befriended by the neighbour’s cat has warmed the hearts of internet surfers worldwide. “Lancelot likes to go outside, but is only allowed out on a lead, so he doesn’t

  • Ólafur Arnalds: “Customs Essentially Telling Us To Fake A Receipt”

    Musician Ólafur Arnalds has been unable to pick up a painting, gifted by a friend and sent to Iceland via mail, from the customs office , because an official receipt for the work does not exist, reports Vísir. As the painting was made by Ólafur’s friend as a gift to the young composer, it has

  • Orable Tradition

    Nostalgia marketing is big money but it is around the Holidays that it is most expertly wielded. Shady mega-conglomerates and unashamed monopolies doff their Christmas caps and electrocute their army of Yuletide lab monkeys into screeching Christmas carols. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that companies found a way to market the Christmas celebrations and

  • Askasleikir Unveils New Omaggio Askur

    The sixth Yule Lad, Askasleikir (Bowl Licker), unveiled the newest addition to the Omaggio design family at the much-anticipated Kähler holiday event last night. Several rumours have been floating around on the internet about how the company would innovate next and fans were not disappointed by the newest rollout. “The Omaggio Askur is a modern

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