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Monday October 20th
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  • Keeping The Romance Alive

    In our third and final instalment of “Mexicans: They’re Everywhere,” we meet Libertad Venegas. Prior to her first visit to Iceland, the only thing she knew about the country was that it was home to a famous singer called Björk. For Libertad, that tiny speck of earth above Europe with the intimidating name was a

  • A Bucolic Brew

    While the drive through the north of Iceland may not offer as diverse an array of neck-craning scenery as the south, its serenity is unparalleled. This much was obvious on the Saturday evening that I set off for Skagafjörður, in search of the Gæðingur microbrewery, where some of Iceland’s finest craft beers are made. Once

  • Business Alliance SA Opposes Shorter Workweek

    Alþingi members from the Pirate party and the Social-democratic Alliance, have proposed a change to the Law on working hours, reducing the standard workweek from 40 to 35 working hours. This would shorten each standard workday by one hour. In the exposition attached to the proposal, the MPs argue cite OECD reports showing that workers

  • MPs Want To Shorten Work Week

    A new bill has been submitted to parliament which would, if passed, legally define working full time to 35 hours per week instead of 40. According to the bill, which has been submitted by Pirate Party MPs Björn Leví Gunnarsson and Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson and Social Democrat MP Sigríður Ingibjörg Ingadóttir, changing the definition of

  • Christmas Goat Back To Tempt Fate

    The Christmas Goat has returned to IKEA in Garðarbær, despite facing both potential arson or high winds, which have defeated the giant straw ruminant before. Vísir reports that IKEA in Garðarbær is already beginning preparations for Christmas. While this means the store itself will be replete with holiday decorations, no IKEA in Christmastime would be

  • Eruption Likely To Last Until 2015

    At the rate the Holuhraun eruption is slowing, one volcanologist believes it will last until early next year. Vísir reports that there are a number of indications that the Holuhraun eruption will continue, but at a gradually slowing pace before reaching a complete stop. Volcanologist Haraldur Sigurðsson points out that the crater in Bárðarbunga is

  • Iceland’s National Gallery Turns 130

    Iceland’s National Gallery turned 130 yesterday, and the museum celebrated by opening a new addition called the Vasulka Room, reports RÚV. In honour of the birthday, entrance to the museum will be free until October 19. The National Gallery of Iceland was actually founded in Copenhagen in 1884 by Björn Bjarnason. Originally it consisted of donated

  • The Mengi Set

    Amongst the fast-changing merry-go-round of music venues in Reykjavík’s city centre, something unusual sprang up around last Christmas: a small, homely, unassuming performance space on Oðinsgata, called Mengi. It appeared quite suddenly, passed around initially only by word of mouth, but quickly become a well-liked venue hosting three shows a week for an intimate, fifty-strong

  • BÖRN

    BÖRN’s self-titled début is what some of us have been desperately waiting for: an album that properly echoes the misery of living in Reykjavík. Unlike mediocre bands who sing their happy tunes in broken English—with heavy doses of repetitive claps and heys!—BÖRN manage to portray Reykjavík as it really is. It’s neither cute nor civilized;

  • Iceland Gears Up For 100th Anniversary Of Women’s Vote

    It has been 99 years since women gained the right to vote in Iceland and celebratory plans are already underway, reports RÚV. School events, concerts and museum exhibits dedicated to women’s suffrage have been planned for 2015 – which marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Iceland. Even the Post Office has planned a

  • The Disputed Benefits Of A Higher Food-Tax

    Alþingi kept debating the budget proposal on Thursday. So far, what has raised most concerns, is the suggested higher VAT on sustenance, which is to be raised from the current 7% to 12%. Helgi Hjörvar, social-democrat Coalition MP, claimed that raising the tax-food by 5%, as planned, incidentally came down to the same amount as

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