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    Uncertainty Continues At Bárðarbunga

    Uncertainty about what is happening underneath Vatnajökull glacier continues following the appearance of fissures yesterday, reports RÚV. As reported, a flight observing the surface of Vatnajökull discovered a row of 10-15 m deep cauldrons, 1 km wide, south of the Bárðarbunga caldera. They form a 4-6 km long line. The cauldrons have been formed as a

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    Bárðarbunga Area Sees Greater Seismic Activity

    Seismic activity at and around the Bárðarbunga volcano has prompted authorities to call an urgent meeting to assess the situation. There is still no confirmation of an eruption. Earlier this evening, Tobias Dürig tweeted a photo of fissures in Holuhraun, next to Dyngjujökull, and southeast of Bárðarbunga, taken by a TF-SIF surveillance plane. Vísir reports

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    Icelandic Burger Joint “Best In London”

    Just two short years after opening up shop in London, the Hamborgarabúllan franchise was chosen by the Independent as the best in the city. After sampling many of the city’s numerous burger joints, and rating them both on their food and atmosphere, the Independent chose Tommi’s, as Hamborgarabúllan is known there, to be well ahead

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    Half Of Westfjords Lose Phone And Internet Service For Hours

    In a still-unexplained mishap, all internet and telephone service for the southern half of the Westfjords dropped out for about seven hours. RÚV reports that at about 9:30 yesterday morning, phone and internet for Ísafjörður and the southern Westfjords inexplicably ceased to function. Even emergency services were affected by the glitch. It took seven hours

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    Mexicans: They’re Everywhere!

    According to the Mexican Embassy in Denmark, there are currently 50 Mexicans living in Iceland. That’s enough people to fill a decent party. Maybe. Indeed, those 50 Mexicans only amount to roughly .00004% of Mexico’s population, and a mere .01% of the admittedly sparser Icelandic populace. However, considering how far removed Iceland is from Mexico—geographically

  • Culture

    Alvar Would Have Been Proud

    One of Reykjavík’s more impressive architectural achievements–the Alvar Aalto-designed Nordic House–became host to new restaurant this spring, named in honour of the Finnish architect himself. Aalto Bistro replaces the highly acclaimed Dill (now on Hverfisgata) as the Nordic House’s resident restaurant. Dill is of course Iceland’s premier representative of New Nordic cuisine, with all the

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    Family Found Wandering On Glacier

    A tourist operator stumbled across a family wandering around on Langjökull glacier yesterday. Langjökull is quite dangerous for those unfamiliar with the area and has whirlpools reaching 100-200 metres down into the glacier.  “I asked [the father] what he was doing,” the director of ICE Explorer, Arngrímur Hermannsson, told RÚV. “He answered: Am I maybe doing something

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    Earthquakes Continue To Rattle Bárðarbunga

    Intense earthquake activity continues around Bárðarbunga volcano and Vatnajökull glacier, reports RÚV. Just passed midnight an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale hit Bárðarbunga and an earthquake measuring 4.5 hit Askja caldera, the largest quake in Askja since 1992. An additional two strong earthquakes hit Bárðarbunga around 3 am. Seismic activity has been intensifying further

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    Jón Gnarr To Appeal Name Change Case

    Former Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr plans to appeal a decision by the National Registry which prevents him from changing his legal name to Jón Gnarr. Vísir reports that Jón recently filed a formal request with the National Registry to change his name from Jón Gnarr Kristinsson to just Jón Gnarr, as he has been

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    Group To Teach Icelanders How To Boycott Goods From Israel

    A group of Icelanders hopes to educate the general public on how to avoid buying products from Israel. DV reports that the group, called BDS Ísland, hopes to bring to light which Icelandic companies are importing and selling Israeli goods. The “BDS” in the group’s name stands for “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions”. The movement is an

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    Interior Minister Threatened Police, Considering Resigning

    Interior Minister Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir reportedly threatened the former police commissioner with an investigation of her own, and her assistants tried to influence his statements to the press. This and more has come to light in a new letter from the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Parliamentary Ombudsman Tryggvi Gunnarsson today published another letter to Hanna Birna, asking

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