Thursday November 27th
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  • Proposed Law Defines Minister’s Emergency Decree Powers

    On Wednesday, amendments to the Law on civil protection were proposed on Alþingi, defining a Minister’s powers to rule by decree in case of emergencies. This was reported by RÚV. The Minister involved would be any minister in charge of civil protection. Traditionally, this would mean the Minister of the Interior. Currently, however, Prime Minister

  • Gathering Sheep: They’re Bloody Stubborn!

    It was a tough climb to the top of the hill, and I was tired from the ascent. Luckily it wasn’t raining. Once we reached the top, I turned around and looked across the valley and found that, yes, autumn had set in. The once bright green pastures had turned yellow, red and brown. The

  • Hamborgarafabrikkan Takes Foie Gras Off The Menu

    Popular hamburger joint, Hamborgarafabrikkan (The Hamburger Factory) has taken foie gras off their menu following a complaint on their Facebook page, reports RÚV. The complaint asked the restaurant if they weren’t willing to stop participating in and promoting “one of the most damaging animal abuse practices in the world by taking it off the menu.” “French

  • Attempt To Smuggle Cocaine Thwarted

    A traveller was arrested at Keflavík airport trying to smuggle 24 packets of cocaine into the country, reports DV. The man, in his thirties, flew in from London and was stopped while trying to leave through customs. The Suðurnes police have taken the man into custody where he will stay until next Friday and the

  • Carry Me, Mark Kozelek

    Sun Kil Moon, the notorious North Korean dictator, ordered the execution of a series of puffins by firing squad as an apparent snub to a cooling of Iceland-DPRK relations, reports KCNA. “They don’t belong on our plates”, said the DPRK’s Taskforce on the Creation of Food Abundance, apparently caught unawares by a certain irony. Just

  • Police Still Getting Guns

    The highly disputed machine guns, recently acquired from Norway, only to be returned, will be replaced with weaponry from elsewhere, says the National Comissioner of the Icelandic Police (NCIP). This was reported today, Wednesday. In a response to inquiries made by RÚV, NCIP said that estimates made within the police, have shown that their need

  • Doctors’ Strike Will Hit Harder In 2015

    Representatives of the Medical Doctors’s Union (LÍ) met with the State’s negotiation committee on Tuesday, at the Public Mediator’s office. At the meeting, LÍ’s spokespeople announced their plans for strikes in 2015, which members of the Union will vote on next week. This was reported by Speaking with, Þorbjörn Jónsson, LÍ’s Chair, said

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Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar (“Búllan”)
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