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Monday December 22nd
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  • Nativity

    Now we approach the time of year when countries within the Schengen zone commemorate the asylum seekers María and Jósef, who once upon a time travelled from place to place without proper travel documents and were turned down everywhere on the basis of the Dublin regulation. No one really knew what they were fleeing from.

  • A Magical Amulet: The Best Xmas Gift EVER?

    Hey. If you want to give your friend or loved one an almost absurdly unique Christmas present that will make them think you’re one of those adventurous, spiritual types: your search is over. Check it out: Icelandic experimental electro-noise artist Kira Kira has teamed up with LA musician Eskmo to bring you ‘The Kira Kira

  • Dirty Holidaze

    December is by far the darkest and spookiest month. It is also the booziest, by far. The overwhelming joy one often associates with the annual Christmas frenzy increases the longing for a nightcap, the fright that correlates with mass expenditures in gifts and other holiday nonsense calls for some alcohol, and when you intend to

  • So What’s This I Keep Hearing About Everything Being Terrible in Iceland?

    In Mid-November Unnar Steinn Sigtryggsson, an Icelander who goes by the username “askur,” made a comment on popular internet community Reddit. He recounted the major news events of the last few weeks in Iceland. However, unlike most bullet point lists of Icelandic news stories, this one went viral. Has the news in Iceland been unusually

  • Gáttaþefur Breaks Nose, Will Have To Wait Month For Treatment

    The eleventh Yule Lad, Gáttaþefur (Door Sniffer) was admitted to hospital yesterday after slipping on a stretch of icy pavement in downtown Reykjavík. “I had just caught the scent of some Laufabrauð when I slipped and fell flat on my face,” Gáttaþefur told the Grapevine over the phone. “I was really lucky that a passerby

  • John Grant Presents Icelandic Music In BBC Special

    American musician, John Grant, who recently relocated to Reykjavík hosted a winter solstice music special on BBC 6 called “Songs from a Dark Place”, reports RÚV. The show documented the rise of Iceland’s music scene and included tracks by Björk, The Sugarcubes, Sigur Rós, Ben Frost and contributions from Ólöf Arnalds, Ásgeir and Mammút and Fufanu,

  • National University Hospital Dealing With Leaky Roof

    The Reykjavík Fire Department were called to Landspítalinn (the National University Hospital of Iceland) yesterday to deal with several roof leaks, reports RÚV. As the temperature rose and the ice on the roof began to melt, water started to pour through holes in the ceilings of the main building and the psych ward. Although water poured

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