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Thursday October 2nd
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    My 42.2 Kilometres

    On Saturday, August 23, over 15,000 laced their running shoes and donned their finest Lycra to partake in the 31st Reykjavík Marathon. And I was one of around a thousand who braved all 42.2 kilometres of the full marathon. This was the third time I had signed up to do it, but the first time

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    Does Spain Have It All Wrong?

    Èric Lluent is a journalist from Barcelona, Spain who recently published a book, ‘Iceland 2013: A Story Of Deception,’ about the illusion and the reality of the Pots and Pans Revolution of late 2008 and early 2009 and its aftermath. Èric, who first came to Iceland in 2008, believed at first in the “Icelandic Miracle” of

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    Iceland, Now With Transgenic Mice

    Genetically modified mice will soon be imported into Iceland and used to further cancer research, reports RÚV. The Environment Agency of Iceland has granted the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Iceland a license to import and use genetically modified mice for scientific purposes. Genetically modified, or transgenic mice have had

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    Mentally Ill Inmate Kept In Solitary For 2 Months

    An inmate with mental health issues has been in solitary confinement at Litla Hraun maximum security prison for the last 2 months, reports RÚV. The man has in the past spent years in the psychiatric ward of Iceland’s National University Hospital. Two years ago however, he was deemed mentally competent enough to serve out the remainder

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    Defence Attorney: Facebook “Likes” Constitute Impartiality

    A lawyer defending former Interior Minister assistant Gísli Freyr Valdórsson has asked the court to remove the prosecutor for “Liking” a news story pertaining to the trial. Gísli Freyr Valdórsson, a former assistant to Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, was charged with breach of confidentiality and relieved of his position last August. He

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    Iceland: A Good Place To Grow Old

    A new report from Global Age Watch puts Iceland in 7th place amongst the best countries in the world to grow old. According to the report, Norway is officially the best country in the world to grow older, while Afghanistan is the worst. Iceland has held its position in the top ten due to the

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    “Illska” And “Ósjálfrátt” Nominated For Nordic Council Literature Prize

    Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl’s Illska (“Evil”) and Auður Jónsdóttir’s Ósjálfrátt (“Secretaries to the Spirits”) have been chosen to be Iceland’s entries for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. While both authors share the nomination, Illska also bears the honour of having already won the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2012 and The Book Merchant’s Prize. Illska is a

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    Quarashi’s Music Video Odyssey

    Quarashi is an Icelandic rap group founded in the mid-90s by Sölvi Blöndal, Steinar “Steini” Fjeldsted and Höskuldur “Hössi” Ólafsson (Hössi left the group in early 2003, and was succeeded by Egill “Tiny” Thorarensen). The band recently resurfaced with “Rock On,” their first single after a nine-year hiatus. We spoke with founding members Sölvi and

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    Icelanders in Moscow

    As a British-Icelander working in Moscow from autumn 2013 to early spring this year, I was welcomed into the Icelandic community—which comprises around ten people—with arms wide open. These days Russia is rarely out of the news, and whether that’s for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine or the recent embargo on most of Europe (bar

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    News In Brief: Late September

     Fortunately for us, the Holurhraun eruption (discussed here and here) has not produced airplane-choking ash clouds nor led to devastating glacial flooding. There have, however, been continuous plumes  of sulphur dioxide wafting through mostly North and East Iceland from the site of the Holuhraun  eruption, giving police another reason to cordon off a large swath

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    We Want The Airwaves

    We are thrilled to announce that Straumur will host its own Iceland Airwaves off-venue programme at Bíó Paradís, November 5-9. We will have many of our favourite artists perform, including lo-fi indie duo Nolo, who are currently working on their third LP; the ever-so-talented M-band, who released his first album this year; and the hazy

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