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    Pylsuspjall: The Best of Reykjavík

    Today’s Topic: The Best of Reykjavík Welcome to our sixth edition of Pylsuspjall, a feature in which we accost strangers at the Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand and ask them questions. This time we brave the shitty weather to ask them what they like about Reykjavík. What’s your name? Zhang Xiauying Where are you from?

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    The Best Place In The World To Be A Woman?

    Women are reportedly more equal to men in Iceland than any other place in the world. But does this mean that we have reached the goal of gender equality? In international media and discourse, Iceland is often portrayed as the best place to be a woman. We certainly use it to market ourselves to tourists

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    Seal Census Results Are In

    The numbers are in for the 8th annual seal census. In all 706 seals were spotted in a 100 km stretch of beach in northwest Iceland, reports RÚV. “We counted 706 this year which is similar to last year,” said biologist Sandra Granquist. “We counted 705-707 last year so [the numbers have] been pretty much the same

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    Severe Nursing Shortage Expected

    A severe shortage of nurses in Iceland is expected in coming years, reports RÚV. Ólafur G. Skúlason, chairman of the Icelandic Nurses’s Association, estimates that roughly 900 of the 2800 nurses working today will retire within the next 3 years. At the same time only 400 nursing students will graduate and many seek other jobs

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    One Cruise Ship = 10,000 Cars

    A single cruise ship in Reykjavík harbour releases as much pollution as 10,000 cars, in part due to a lack of necessary equipment on the part of harbour authorities. Vísir reports that 90 cruise ships, carrying over 100,000 passengers, have come to Iceland so far this year. The number of cruise ships is expected to

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    Iceland And Iran May Bolster Economic Relations

    Iran and Iceland are currently exploring economic ties with each other, and looking for ways to broaden them. PressTV reports that Director of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran Valiollah Afkhami-Rad and Iceland’s Accredited Ambassador to Tehran Gunnar Pálsson have been in talks to review what the two countries could offer each other. Afkhami-Rad, while

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    Cutting Ties With Israel “Out Of The Question”

    It looks very unlikely that Iceland will cut political ties with Israel, going by what the previous and current Foreign Ministers have said on the subject. While the Foreign Affairs Committee will soon meet to discuss what the Icelandic government will do in response to the attacks on Gaza, one option is vanishingly unlikely: the

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    Annie Places Second Despite Back Injury

    Annie Mist Þórisdóttir finished 2nd overall in the 2014 CrossFit Games despite a back injury which threatened to keep her from competing as a Crossfit athlete for the rest of her life, reports RX Review. During a press conference after the win, Annie shared the story of her emotional recovery; how the injury left her legs numb

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    Searching For The Best Public Bathroom

    Something that always seems to be missing in reviews of restaurants, bars, cafés and whatnot, is the bathroom. Perhaps it is a taboo subject? But when you think about it, the flowery potpourri smell in the bathroom might make up for a mediocre cup of coffee or a semi-flat beer and stumbling upon a clogged

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    So What’s This I Hear About Iceland Being The 17th Best Country In The World?

    Something called The Good Country Index was published recently. It is a list of 125 countries ranked according how much good they do in the world, from Ireland at the top to Libya at 125th. As a marketing stunt, it was brilliant, generating a few hundred thousand news articles around the globe. It was, predictably

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    Hallgrímskirkja Among World’s Weirdest Buildings

    Hallgrímskirkja has been voted one of the world’s weirdest buildings, reports Vísir. According to the Top 50 Weirdest Buildings list, Hallgrímskirkja is the third strangest looking building on the planet. The Stone House in Guimarães and the Casa Da Musica – both located in Portugal, came in first and second place respectively.  Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church

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    Women 10% Of Highest-Earning CEO’s In Iceland

    According to new figures from Frjáls Verslun women make up only 10% of the highest-earning CEO’s in Iceland. Out of 200 top-earning CEO’s women account for only 20 and out of 19 categories (split by industry) only one woman came in first place. Vísir reports that Unnur Þorsteinsdóttir, VP of Genetic Research with deCode Genetics is the highest-earning female director

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