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    11,000 Take Part In SlutWalk, Inspire Parliamentarians

    About 11,000 Icelanders participated in yesterday’s annual SlutWalk, and helped inspire a parliamentary proposal which could help victims of sexual assault. Vísir reports that about 11,000 Icelanders marched from Hallgrímskirkja at 14:00 yesterday to Austurvöllur, in front of parliament. There, attendees listened to speeches on the subject of placing the blame for rape on rapists

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    Petition On Israeli Government Submitted To Foreign Affairs Committee

    About 6,600 Icelanders signed a petition calling for their government to end diplomatic ties with Israel in response to the attacks on Gaza. Vísir reports that journalist Illugi Jökulsson, who initiated the campaign, met with Foreign Affairs Committee chair Birgir Ármannsson on Friday to give him the signatures. While the petition drive began only the

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    Ask Not on Whom the Sun Shines

    If the State Prosecutor decides to take the Interior Ministry to court, for breach of confidentiality, slander, and abuse of public office against two asylum seekers, the Capital Area Police will in all likelihood handle the criminal investigation, as it has until now. Since the police is subordinate to the Interior Ministry, the police thereby

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    Expecting Couple Struggle With Immigration Bureaucrasy

    An Icelandic man’s pregnant American wife has still not received a verdict on her Icelandic residence permit application even though she applied for one in the fall of last year, reports DV. Jessica Jacobs has lived in Iceland since 2012. Initially she moved to study Icelandic in Ísafjörður, but quickly relocated to Reykjavík where she met her

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    Man Arrested For Beating Up Tourist

    A young man was arrested last night after he attacked a tourist outside the Cabin Hotel on Borgartún in Reykjavík, reports DV. The man, who was found in possession of drugs, violently resisted his arrest and spent the night in jail. The tourist in question was sent to hospital and intends to file charges against

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    Reykjavík Sees Boom In AirBnB Listings

    More than 1.000 Reykjavík apartments are listed on the short-term rental site AirBnB, reports RÚV. It is estimated that between 1.500 and 2.000 apartments are now being used to accommodate tourists in need of short-term rental. This includes apartment hotels which rent out 340 registered short-term apartments. The new numbers show staggering growth as just last year 600

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    Might Need To Investigate Interior Minister

    New Police Commissioner of Reykjavík, Sigríður Björk Guðjónsdóttir, could possibly be in charge of investigating the Interior Minister Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir’s role in the now-infamous leaked memo case despite the fact that she personally appointed the new Police Commissioner, reports RÚV. As reported, Sigríður Björk Guðjónsdóttir was appointed Police Commissioner of Reykjavík yesterday. She is the first woman ever to

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    Diarrhoea Outbreak Caused By Campylobacter

    The Directorate of Health says it has had to deal with a virtual explosion of diarrhoea cases caused by campylobacter, a bacteria spread mostly by the poor handling of meat. In a statement posted on the Directorate’s website, about 100 cases of campylobacter-caused diarrhoea have been reported over the past year. The afflicted come from

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    Group Trips To North Korea Cancelled

    An Icelander hoping to sell group trips to North Korea has pulled the plug on the operation, citing negative press of the regime as being the major cause. Vísir reports that Egill Örn Arnarson Hansen, the original organiser of the trips through his travel office Trans Atlantic, claims 20 people had signed up for the

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    30 Million To Fox Hunting

    The Environment Agency of Iceland will be paying Iceland’s most sparsely-populated regions for the hunting of foxes, which the agency says have been experiencing a population boom. In a statement posted on the agency’s website, the agency says the number of foxes in Iceland has increased by tenfold over the past 30 years. Foxes in

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    Book Worms, Ahoy!

    Nexus is Iceland’s only store dedicated to fantasy and science fiction and features a large fiction section, as well as non-fiction books on drawing, knitting, handicrafts and other hobbies. The store also has numerous aisles filled with games, DVDs, comics and just about everything else related to fandom. The store has been running in one

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    [Continued from Ungoo: Part IX] Earlier this year, a free-trade agreement between Iceland and China took effect. Iceland is the first, and so far the only, European country to make such an arrangement with the People’s Republic of. No one knows what that means. Literally no one. Perhaps some politicians, administrative staff or business managers

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