Friday November 21st
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  • Increased Use Of Antidepressants

    Anxiety and antidepressants are prescribed 70% more often in Iceland than 10 years ago and Icelanders consume more antidepressants than any other OECD nation, reports RÚV. According to the Directorate of Health, in 2013 39.000 people were prescribed antidepressants and 34.000 people were prescribed sleeping aids at least once. The most commonly used sleeping pill

  • Feminists Want Statue Of Bríet

    The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association (IWRA) has sent the City of Reykjavík a letter suggesting they erect a statue of suffragette Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir, reports RÚV. Bríet, along with other women’s rights activists founded the IWRA in 1907 and ran the association for 20 years. She is considered the catalyst of the women’s rights movement in

  • BREAKING: No Butter Shortage This Christmas

    Icelandic dairy producer, Mjólkursamsalan (MS Iceland Dairies), has confirmed that there will be no shortage of butter at supermarkets this upcoming holiday season, reports RÚV. Last year, in the wake of a potentially crippling butter shortage, MS Iceland Dairies was forced to source 90 tonnes of butter from Ireland. Einar Sigurðsson, CEO of MS Iceland

  • Kicking Off Iceland Noir 2014

    Following the easygoing success of last year’s inaugural Iceland Noir crime lit festival, this year’s event is already off to a good start. The three day festival will involve two jam-packed days of author panels, talks, and readings at the Nordic House, as well as a Sunday ‘Snæfellsnes Mystery Tour’ lead by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. But

  • Regarding Julien Blanc

    I do not think we should prevent him from coming here. Barring people from coming here is stupid. Why make a martyr out of him? Scumbags like him are always the first ones to celebrate censorship and deportation. Because fuckwits like him like to pretend they are the true champions of freedom of speech, and

  • Floating in a bubble

    Red little spotlights moved constantly across the Húrra logo on the wall, and I could feel the relaxed vibes lingering in the air. Every seat was taken by folks enjoying pints of beer and chitchatting in the dimmed room, and everyone seemed to be looking forward to an evening of newcomer Geislar’s yet unknown tunes.

  • Dancing To The Heartbeat

    The Reykjavík Dance Festival has changed nearly as much as the art of dance itself in its twelve years of existence. But a change of directors and board members this spring has brought on much more drastic changes to its scope and concept for coming years. In conversation with the Grapevine, managing director Hlynur Páll

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