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  • Bæjarins Beztu Beef Up Security In Anticipation Of Bjúgnakrækir

    Popular hot dog stand Bæjarins Beztu hired extra security last night in preparation for the arrival of the ninth Yule Lad, Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage Swiper). “We couldn’t afford losses like last year,” said the vendor on duty, Jói, when the Grapevine caught up with him last night. “He cleared us out, all the hot dogs, just

  • Increase In Hospital Admissions Due To Snow

    There has been a sharp increase in the number of admissions at Landspítalinn, the National University Hospital of Iceland’s emergency room in the past few days after accidents caused by icy roads and pavements. The City of Reykjavík have been receiving about 700 phone calls each day to deal with the excessive snow, reports RÚV. Tens

  • Until Friday, Icelandair’s Hotel Marina Served “Apartheid” Cocktail

    Hotel Reykjavík Marina, owned by Icelandair, has apologised for the name of its “Apartheid” cocktail, after the online medium Africa Is A Country tweeted about it, submitting a photograph as evidence: The Apartheid cocktail, on sale at the Marina Hotel, Reykjavik (owner: @Icelandair) — AFRICA IS A COUNTRY (@AfricasaCountry) December 19, 2014 Icelandair’s first

  • Hospital Office Container Fell Off Truck

    A container intended to accommodate doctors at Landspítalinn fell off a truck by Miklabraut, Reykjavík, Friday morning. This was reported by RÚV. Luckily, the container fell on a slip road and did thereby not seriously disturb traffic. Eighteen containers are currently being stacked on the hospital’s premises by Hringbraut, for doctors’ offices. Strike and negotiations

  • Coast Guard Will Return Guns —As Soon As They Can For Free

    The 250 machine guns acquired from Norway, by the Coast Guard, to share with Iceland’s Police forces, have not been returned as intended. According to the Coast Guard’s public relations manager, they are waiting for an opportunity to ship the guns back without paying hefty shipping fees. This was reported by Vísir. This October, DV

  • Skyrgámur Shares Seasonal Skyr Cake Recipe

    For centuries, each Christmas, I have indulged in Iceland’s greatest culinary innovation, Skyr. Now, this beloved strained yoghurt continues to gain popularity across continents. Earlier this year MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) predicted that 60 million pots of skyr would be sold internationally and 8 million pots domestically. I’ve posted a number of my personal skyr

  • Central Bank Prepays Portion Of IMF Loan

    The Central Bank of Iceland has decided to prepay 50 billion ISK (ca. €320 mi) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the bank’s statement, this was decided in the light of the bank’s “relatively abundant liquidity position”. Following Iceland’s 2008 economic crash, the country received financing from the IMF, totalling at around €1,6

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