Sunday January 25th
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  • Here’s What You Need to Know About Dropping Oil Prices and Drekasvæðið

    Lately it seems that people are getting more and more concerned about the dropping price of oil. This is perhaps less obvious to those of us buying petrol in Iceland, but some Icelanders are questioning whether the search for oil in Drekasvæðið (the ‘Dreka’ or ‘Dragon’ region to the northeast of Iceland)  should continue with

  • See Sísý Ey’s Sónar Reykjavík Picks

    Sigga Eyþórsdóttir is one of the three sisters that combine with producer Oculus to form Icelandic house troupe Sísý Ey. They shot to prominence via their earworm single Ain’t Got Nobody. In 2013-14 they played Sónar festivals in Stockholm, Reykjavík and Barcelona, and with their internet fanbase thriving, they are preparing a debut album as

  • Shows! Films! Haggis!

    We at the Grapevine have been hard at work on our shining new listings website, and it’s finally live! Take a moment to browse through, we’re very proud of it. But enough yapping, here are some of the highlight events of the weekend: Friday ‘Morphing’ – 700IS Reindeerland Festival 700IS Reindeerland is an annual experimental film

  • PHOTOS: Reykjavík International Games: Archery

    The Reykjavík International Games are being held January 16 – 25, and the Archery competition took place on January 17 & 18. The qualification round consisted of FITA triple 40 cm targets for Compound bows and Recurve bows. Archery has always been the sexier cousin of target shooting—rich with history and drama. Also, it isn’t

  • PHOTOS: Karate at Reykjavík International Games

    The Reykjavík International Games are being held January 16 – 25, and the Karate competition took place on January 17, which included individual categories for both Kata and Kumite. Kata is a choreographed exhibition of skill, whereas Kumite is unrehearsed sparring. Emma Lucraft from England won women’s kata, which is maybe not a surprise as she

  • Welcome To The Dark Side

    Winter is upon us. It’s here, enshrouding your very being in short, frosty days with only a few hours of sunlight, followed by long, frozen, windy nights. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Some handle it just fine, getting cosy at home as the weather settles in. But the less fortunate ones will suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder,

  • Three Hours Of Sun Is A Luxury

    Although at 64° N Reykjavík is the world’s northernmost capital city, the most northerly permanently populated site on Earth is Svalbard. Located at 78° N, this Norwegian archipelago is about halfway between the edge of continental Europe and the North Pole. Winter there is a three-month-long period of constant night, in which a transient 2,600-strong

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