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  • Icelandair Not The Only Airline Flying Into JFK

    The snapshot heralding the hardcore Viking spirit of Icelandic pilots that’s currently making rounds on social media is slightly misleading, reports Nútíminn. The image featured a long list of cancelled flights due to arrive in JFK airport as “the blizzard of the century” battered the U.S East Coast. As flight after flight was cancelled due to

  • Jón Gnarr Flouts Naming Committee – Legally Changing Name In U.S

    Jón Gnarr has decided to legally change his name from Jón Gnarr Kristinsson to Jón Gnarr while residing in the U.S, reports Nútíminn. Last year Jón filed a formal request with the National Registry to change his name to Jón Gnarr, as he has been known for decades. The Registry rejected the request of making his

  • “Iceland’s Biggest Loser” Is The Most Erotic Show On TV

    Week 2-ish Peeking while perched in your neighbour’s tree, you spot through  a window your panting neighbour vigorously engaging in plyometrics. Perplexed, you proceed to watch for the entire 30 minutes of pain and perspiration. You like to watch, unnoticed with voyeuristic pleasure. Suddenly, this person perks up and you see, for the first time,

  • Immigration Appeals Board Finally In Place

    On Monday, January 26, the Minister of the Interior appointed members to the Immigration Appeals Board (Kærunefnd útlendingamála), established by law in May 2014. The board was supposed to start its operations on January 1. The board’s Chair and its staff have, according to the Ministry’s spokesperson, already begun preparations, but no appealed cases could

  • Man Awaiting Asylum Decision Wounded Himself

    A refugee from Syria, who recently arrived in Iceland, wounded himself with a knife on Tuesday. When police arrived at the bloody scene, they called for special forces backup, and subsequently made several arrests. According to DV, the arrests were made due to “linguistic problems”, before the police realised that the man had injured himself.

  • Court Ruling: Iceland Failed To Implement Five EU Directives

    On Wednesday, the EFTA court ruled against the Icelandic state in five separate cases, all concerning Iceland’s “failure to fulfil its obligations” in implementing EU regulation. One case concerned “regulation on textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products”. Another verdict concerned regulation on the safety of toys,

  • So What’s This Order Of The Falcon I Keep Hearing About?

    In a better, more entertaining world than ours, the Order of the Falcon would be Iceland’s premier superhero group, featuring Captain Fisherman, Doctor Feminfist, and Sterkálfur, the World’s Strongest Elf. In our reality, the Order of the Falcon is the medal that the Icelandic State bestows on whomever it pleases. It has been in the

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