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  • Skyrgámur Shares Seasonal Skyr Cake Recipe

    For centuries, each Christmas, I have indulged in Iceland’s greatest culinary innovation, Skyr. Now, this beloved strained yoghurt continues to gain popularity across continents. Earlier this year MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) predicted that 60 million pots of skyr would be sold internationally and 8 million pots domestically. I’ve posted a number of my personal skyr

  • Central Bank Prepays Portion Of IMF Loan

    The Central Bank of Iceland has decided to prepay 50 billion ISK (ca. €320 mi) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the bank’s statement, this was decided in the light of the bank’s “relatively abundant liquidity position”. Following Iceland’s 2008 economic crash, the country received financing from the IMF, totalling at around €1,6

  • Icelandic Whisky — A Taste Of Things To Come

    The small and unassuming Eimverk distillery can be found in an industrial park in Garðabær. Inside, numerous vats, barrels, boxes, filters and pieces of distillery equipment flood the warehouse floor space, and there is a notably sour (but not pungent) smell in the air. The family-run distillery has already received critical acclaim for their gin,

  • Með Vættum

    Not A Fan – Bogi Bjarnason Rating: – For someone whose life revolves around metal, trying to get through an entire Skálmöld album in one sitting is like subjecting yourself to Chinese water torture. Throughout the whole, endless run-time, the only thing I could think was, “What did those poor instruments ever do to you

  • Icelanders Prefer Artificial Christmas Trees

    Only a third of Icelanders will be buying a real live Christmas tree this holiday season, report RÚV. According to a survey from MMR, artificial Christmas trees have been slowly but surely taking over the holiday tree market in Iceland. Roughly 32% of people will be buying a living Christmas tree this year compared to

  • Holuhraun Eruption Looks Like A Santa Hat

    An aerial image of the Holuhraun eruption and the surrounding lava field was the inspiration for the Earth Sciences Institute’s (ESI) annual Christmas card this year, reports RÚV. The eruption site and lava field have – through the wonders of Windows Paint – been transformed into a lovely red Santa hat with the following seasonal

  • The Poor Donate Second Hand Domestic Appliances To The Rich

    “The Poor Give The Rich Second Hand Domestic Appliances” is the title of an announced event, scheduled on December 23, the last business day before Christmas, locally known as Þorláksmessa. The event was announced on Facebook last Monday. —Thursday afternoon, over 800 people had RSVP’d. The event is occasioned by utterances made by Vilhjálmur Bjarnason,

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