Wednesday November 26th
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  • QuizUp To Become Social Media Platform

    The startup software developer Plain Vanilla, which last year found major success with the game QuizUp, for smartphones, has announced its plans to turn the game into a social media platform. The original QuizUp has been described as “a mobile trivia app similar to the game Trivial Pursuit”. “We no longer look at QuizUp as

  • European Writers’ Council Concerned Over Book Tax

    The European Writers’ Council (EWC) has expressed “deep concern” about the Icelandic government’s plans to raise the VAT on books from 7% to 12%. In a statement released at the council’s annual general assembly, EWC says it sees the raise as “devastating to the small Icelandic book market,” and predicts it “will have painful and

  • So What’s This Lack Of Army I Keep Hearing About?

    Iceland has no army. It does operate a Coast Guard, which does have four ships, three of which are combat-ready vessels. The Coast Guard has a wide variety of guns at its disposal, from cannons to handguns. But it is not really a navy in any kind of traditional sense. The National Police Commissioner also

  • Julien Blanc Workshop Probably Canceled

    A three-day “Dating” Bootcamp by controversial Pick Up Artist, Julien Blanc, due to be held in Iceland next year, has most likely been cancelled, reports Vísir. The workshop – as well as a course planned in Sweden – has been removed from the overall schedule on organiser Real Social Dynamics’ website. As reported, news of Blanc’s

  • Northern Lights Movie Released

    The film, Aurora Iceland, featuring 3 years worth of time-lapsed aurora borealis footage has been released on VOD. As reported, three independent filmmakers spent over 130 nights over 3 years in 50 different locations across Iceland taking time-lapse sequences of northern lights with 50,000 individual High Resolution RAW images. Each second of the film is

  • Weather Expected To Get Cold, Surprises No One

    In a unsurprising turn of events, the weather will be getting much colder in Iceland in the coming days. RÚV reports that dropping temperatures are expected to cause icy road conditions and black ice. The Icelandic Met Office has stipulated that this is mostly applicable to the West and Southwestern parts of Iceland and mountain

  • Believes Riff Raff Is Her Father – UPDATE: Kid Is Full Of Shit

    Young Margrét Vera Mánadóttir believes English playwright and actor Richard O’Brien is her father, reports Vísir. O’Brien is known for writing Rocky Horror Picture Show and for his role as Riff Raff. In a twist of fate, Margrét has been cast in the role of Riff Raff in her high school production of Rocky Horror. “I’ve

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