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    Mike Leigh Announced As RIFF’s Guest Of Honour

    Acclaimed British film director Mike Leigh has been announced as the Guest of Honour at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF), reports RÚV. His newest film Mr. Turner, about the English painter J. M. W. Turner will be screened at the festival which begins on September 25 and runs until October 5. Leigh, who

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    Eruption Over, Lasted 4 Hours

    Yesterday’s volcanic eruption at Holuhraun lasted only 3-4 hours and the aviation code has been downgraded to orange. “It was a small eruption and a small sample of the magma that is moving underground reaching the surface,” geophysics professor Páll Einarsson told RÚV. According to Páll and geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson the eruption was more like

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    Sour Grapes & Stuff: Issue 13, 2014

    Say your piece, voice your opinion, send your letters to Most Awesome Letter of the Issue Dear Grapevine. I have recently returned from another visit to your beutifull country. I have family conections there and visit regularly. This time I was there with 9 other members of my family and this is the very

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    Mystic (anonymous) Pizza

    Much like the version of himself Ted Danson portrayed in the cult TV hit show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’—in which Mr. Danson donated handsomely, and anonymously, to a good cause—there was a huge buzz this spring about a new pizza place that was, and remains, anonymous. Locals were very eager to know more about this nameless

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    Live Reviews

    Justin Timberlake, A Review

    Eight million sweating preteens were packed into Kórinn Sports Hall in Kópavogur on Sunday, August 24, all for one purpose: Justin Timberlake. Also in attendance were those who were alive to have experienced him firsthand in his original incarnation as a tortured child artist on Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club,’ and then for his subsequent reinvention

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    News In Brief Late August

    Unless you’ve been literally living in a cave for the past two weeks, chances are that you’ve heard of the possible eruption at Bárðarbunga peak. In the end (at the time of writing), this insufferable geological formation didn’t have the decency to erupt even a little bit, let alone disrupt air travel across the European

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    Schrödinger’s Volcano

    On August 16, the Western media spotlight fell on Iceland once again. As is usually the case when the outside world likes to acknowledge our existence, an eruption was involved. Or was there? That day it became known that there had been a slow and steady build-up of unusually strong seismic activity at Bárðarbunga, Vatnajökull

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    Free Pink Street Boys Album! Free Editorial! Free Love!

    Here is a short editorial, inspired by the late, great Bill Gates and his vision, which continues to warm our hearts and our thighs through our pockets, via sturdy, glowing Gorilla Glass: Here’s to the volcanos. The eruptions. The shaking moneymakers. The ones who remind the world that, yes, Iceland exists. While some may see

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    What Will Become Of Bárðarbunga?

    Bárðarbunga: it’s going to explode, you’re going to be trapped in Iceland for six months and you might die a horrific, fiery death. Why? Because such grand claims make good headlines and sell papers, that’s why. Personally, I’ve always believed more in science than sensationalism, so if you’ll permit me, I’d love to spread a

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    Let The Gaymes Begin!

    A group of handsome young men gather in the historic city of Rome this week, in the hopes of winning the title of Mr Gay World, an annual beauty pageant for gay rights. The winner of the competition gets to travel all over the world as a global representative for the international gay community. Our very own Iceland

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    UPDATED: No-Fly Zone In Effect Over Holuhraun Eruption

    ISAVIA has imposed a no-fly zone over the Holuhraun eruption site and a parts of northeastern Iceland. In a brief posted to their website, ISAVIA, who control and run Iceland’s airports, have stated that it is unclear how much ash is likely to be produced. Contingency plans in the event of disruptive ash production are in place. Reykjavík’s Air

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