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  • Icelanders Prefer Artificial Christmas Trees

    Only a third of Icelanders will be buying a real live Christmas tree this holiday season, report RÚV. According to a survey from MMR, artificial Christmas trees have been slowly but surely taking over the holiday tree market in Iceland. Roughly 32% of people will be buying a living Christmas tree this year compared to

  • Holuhraun Eruption Looks Like A Santa Hat

    An aerial image of the Holuhraun eruption and the surrounding lava field was the inspiration for the Earth Sciences Institute’s (ESI) annual Christmas card this year, reports RÚV. The eruption site and lava field have – through the wonders of Windows Paint – been transformed into a lovely red Santa hat with the following seasonal

  • The Poor Donate Second Hand Domestic Appliances To The Rich

    “The Poor Give The Rich Second Hand Domestic Appliances” is the title of an announced event, scheduled on December 23, the last business day before Christmas, locally known as Þorláksmessa. The event was announced on Facebook last Monday. —Thursday afternoon, over 800 people had RSVP’d. The event is occasioned by utterances made by Vilhjálmur Bjarnason,

  • Pagan Christmas

    The idea of throwing a big celebration in honour of the birth of Christ is a relatively recent idea. Nobody knows exactly when he was born; guesses range from 7 to 2 BC and the date is a mystery. His date of birth was once estimated to be January 6, in an attempt to beat

  • Yule Year-Round

    This fall, while planning my first trip up North, I messaged a friend of mine who had gone to secondary school in Akureyri and asked him for a few choice recommendations. “The Christmas Garden,” he wrote back almost immediately. “Smells delish. Sounds like winter. Has a scary Grýla… It’s all you could wish for.” Despite

  • Hurðaskellir Releases Debut Album: Door Sounds

    The Seventh Yule Lad, Hurðaskellir (Door Slammer), will be launching his new experimental electro-punk album “Door Sounds” at Kex Hostel tonight. The album, co-produced by the energetic Ghostigital duo Einar Örn Benediktsson and Curver, features loops of doors slamming, hinges creaking, keys jingling and knobs turning over synths and a mix of dub and hip

  • The Reykjavík—Versailles Enigma

    On Wednesday, the Progressive Party’s Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi “Barbershop” Sveinsson met with France’ socialist Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. According to the Icelandic Foreign Ministry’s press release, the two discussed relations between the countries in the fields of culture, business, tourism, developments in the Arctic, geothermal energy, defence matters and NATO, as well as recent

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