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Tuesday September 23rd
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    Poison Gas Cloud Heading Northeast

    The Icelandic Met Office predicts sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas from the Holuhraun eruption will move north and east over the next 24 hours. As can be seen, the Met Office has two maps for predicted areas where significant levels of SO2 will be present. Egilsstaðir and Reyðarfjörður are expected to be hit the hardest by

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    Special Prosecutor Accused Of Illegal Phone Taps

    A former employee of the Office of the Special Prosecutor says the office tapped phones of suspects illegally. The Minister of Justice believes the matter needs to be investigated. In an interview with Fréttablaðið, former Special Prosecutor’s Office employee Jón Óttar Ólafsson said that the office listened in on illegal taps of phone conversations of

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    Foreign Ministry Harshly Criticised

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs has received some backlash over his decision to close the Icelandic International Development Agency. While the Agency will be absorbed by the Foreign Ministry, Vísir reports, the move is not without its critics. Minister of Foreign Affairs Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson told reporters for RÚV that when his office examined the

  • Culture
    Movies & Theatre

    Who is Alice Olivia Clarke?

    Aside from the leads, most of the actors in ‘Land Ho!’  are either Icelanders in service jobs, or people associated with the production. Alice Olivia Clarke, who appears in a crucial late scene, is neither. Canadian-born, Alice Olivia has lived in Iceland for over 20 years, and in addition to acting (you maybe saw her

  • Culture

    Urbanization On Paper: A European Narrative

    Spark Design Space has a clean minimalist facade, a welcome place to rest your eyes next to the garishly painted corrugated tin front of its neighbour Kiki. The large glass windows show the dozens of posters tiled on the back walls of the building, each in a different colour and arranged to make a gradient

  • Culture

    Everyone’s A Chef

    I walk into Salt Eldhús (“Salt Kitchen”) on a rainy summer afternoon that feels chilly enough to be fall. Shaking off in the vestibule, I’m met by owner Auður Ögn Árnadóttir, who shakes my hand cheerfully and invites me to help myself to a cup of coffee and one of her homemade, rainbow-hued macaroons–her specialty.

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    Icelanders Use 200 Litres Of Water Per Day

    The water consumption of Icelanders is so high, it corresponds to each Icelander using about 200 litres of water each day, reports RÚV. According to the UN Water, about 50-100 litres of water is needed per day for personal use, meaning that Icelanders are using two times more water per day than is necessary. Comparatively, the

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    Icelander To Appear On Korean Stamp

    An Icelandic stamp collector will appear on a Korean stamp after beating out 70 other contestants to win an international stamp competition in Seoul, South Korea, reports Vísir. Sigtryggur Rósmar Eyþórsson won for his comprehensive stamp collection “Icelandic Postal Stationary”, which includes Icelandic postal stationary cards varying in value and dating from 1879-1920. In the

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    Hello! I Must Be Going!

    To forge a synthesis: Last week, as evident in what follows, citizens of the volcano-plagued republic seem to have mainly wondered which things should be allowed entrance into their country and which should rather be kept out: should meat-products from elsewhere be allowed? How about people from elsewhere? How about only the best people from

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    Civil Protection: Potentially Fatal To Ignore Closed Area Warnings

    Civil Protection in Iceland would like to remind the general public that illegally entering the eruption area could be dangerous or even fatal. RÚV reports that the tracks of at least six separate interlopers were found entering the cordoned-off area surrounding the Holuhraun eruption. Víðir Reynisson of Civil Protection in Iceland wants to remind people

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    Police Mistaken On Child Abuse Case

    The police have declined to prosecute a case of child abuse at a local playschool, and the Ombudsman for Children says this is based on a legal misunderstanding. As reported, the playschool Leikskólinn 101 was shut down in August 2013 after video evidence of child abuse reached city authorities. RÚV reports that one of the

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