From Iceland — IKEA Goat Is Up And Ready To Be Burned

IKEA Goat Is Up And Ready To Be Burned

Published October 19, 2023

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The IKEA goat is an indicator that Christmas is just around the corner. Many consider it early, but the goat has already been set up near the only IKEA in Reykjavík, in Kauptún, and the lights have been lit, reports Vísir.

For a long time, the goat was a special target for arsonists, and there was a period when people put their efforts into setting it on fire. However, in recent years, it has been allowed to stand undisturbed. The goat was last set on fire in 2016. In 2017, the goat was protected by 24/7 surveillance of two guards, miraculously surviving the Christmas season. In 2019, a Facebook event titled “Set the goat on fire, they can’t stop all of us” was created, causing concerns for IKEA management.

The tradition of setting up a Christmas goat specifically to celebrate the holiday is of Swedish origin. IKEA, as a company rooted in Sweden, embraced this practice. The first such goat in Iceland was introduced in 2010. However, in Sweden, there have been instances where locals have taken it upon themselves to ignite the goat, and a mischievous tradition has developed around it. In Iceland, some arsonists adopted this tradition.

On at least three occasions, arsonists successfully set the IKEA goat on fire. The goat also endured harsh weather conditions, including being blown over during a storm in 2011. Subsequent to the 2016 fire, IKEA launched legal proceedings, resulting in a district court ordering three individuals to collectively pay damages amounting to 150,000 krónur each. Since then, the goat has been closely monitored.

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