From Iceland — Natural Skincare And Relaxation in the Blue Lagoon

Natural Skincare And Relaxation in the Blue Lagoon

Lea Müller
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Published February 11, 2020

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s best-known attractions. Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, it is just a short drive from Keflavík airport and thus easily accessible, even for those who have very little time to spend in the country. Nestled among sublime lava formations, the pools are a secluded paradise that offer a unique opportunity to soak and unwind while also reviving your skin. Apart from the large pool with its cave and waterfall, there is also a small sauna, hidden in a charming wooden hut.

The Blue Lagoon can be visited year-round and in winter the surrounding lava formations are covered in a magnificent glittery layer of frost. In fact, winter might be the best time to visit, combining a lush pink sunrise or the golden sunset, surreal frost-covered lava hills, and warm milky blue waters.

Anybody wanting to treat themselves to a soak should make a reservation in advance, as the popular spot is often fully booked. It’s easy to understand why, though—it’s a true wonder of Iceland and a must-see on any visit here.

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Photo by Art Bicnick

Name: Kristeen

Age: 23

From: United States

Occupation: Sales representative and yoga instructor

When did you arrive in Iceland? “I arrived about 4 months ago and have been working since,” Kristeen explains. “My mum is from Iceland and we have many relatives here, so I’ve been visiting almost every summer.”

What have you been up to so far in Iceland? “Due to my sales job, I get to go to a lot of places, which is great. I did the Golden Circle quite a few times and I’m planning to go north and see Akureyri next,” she says. “Of course I also spend a lot of time with the Icelandic part of the family.” 

What are your favourite outdoor activities? “I love going to pools, but I’m also a thrill seeker. I went snowmobiling and I am planning to get my scuba diving license soon to dive between the continental plates.” 

How do you like the Blue Lagoon? “It’s wonderful. I always love coming here because it’s so secluded! I met up with a friend and it was the first time I had someone with me. It was amazing to share the experience with her and see the Lagoon through fresh eyes.

Meet a locals!

Photo by Art Bicnick

Name: Birta

Age: 24

From: Iceland

Occupation: Greeter at the Blue Lagoon

Why did you decide to work at the Blue Lagoon? “At first it was only supposed to be a summer job and I was going to leave in fall, but then I decided to stay. I’ve been here for two years, because it is so nice to work here.” 

Do you soak in the pool yourself? “It is actually part of the job description to go into the water and give out face masks and talk to the people. I love that about working here and my skin is much better now.” 

What time would you recommend people to visit the Blue Lagoon? “I would always recommend the winter rather than summer. Most people think summer is best, but it’s so amazing to be in warm water when it’s cold outside.I think it’s smart to arrive an hour before sunset. Then you can see the Lagoon while it’s still bright outside. The sunset is just beautiful and it’s also magical at night.”

What do you recommend visitors? “Phones can be damaged by the steam because there is silicon in the water which may clog the outlets.  We thus always recommend people to leave them in the lockers or just use them briefly.”

Photo by Art Bicnick

Name: Elísabet

Age: 25

From: Iceland

Occupation: Greeter at the Blue Lagoon

For how long have you been working at the Blue Lagoon? “I came first in 2016 and after finishing my college degree I came back.” 

How do you like working here? “I love it, that’s why I came back. They can’t get rid of me!” 

Do you have a favourite spot in the Blue Lagoon? “I love being in the sauna. It really opens up the pores of your skin and when you get your mask afterwards it’s really cleansing.”

What’s the best part about working here? “That I get to go into the water on every shift. When you go in every shift, you can really see that it makes a big difference to your skin.”

Is there a specific time in the day that you recommend to visit? ”I like going really early in the morning.  If you go in at 8:30 you can see the sunrise with a lush pink sky. That’s also good for taking photos.”

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