From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Óreiða, Halldór Eldjárn & GDRN, Emiliana Torrini & More

Grapevine New Music Picks: Óreiða, Halldór Eldjárn & GDRN, Emiliana Torrini & More

Published March 17, 2023

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Matthew Eisman

Bringing you the newest music out there with our weekly listings, The Reykjavík Grapevine has branched out into radio! In collaboration with 101 Sambandið, we’re broadcasting a weekly radio show highlighting the events and music we think are worth your time, and giving you an opportunity to learn more about what’s going on. It also gives us an opportunity to force the music we like unto you. Stay tuned for more information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In this week’s new music picks we’ve got mysterious newcomers, indie-rock and synth-pop, black metal and a whole bunch of other genres they haven’t even named yet.

Millilillis – I Am Not a Flute Player

Out March 16

A track by newcomer Millilillis – try saying that 10 times in a row. The track is deceptively titled  “I Am Not a Flute Player,” despite the person performing actively playing the flute — and very proficiently, at that. A five-minute composition, the track exhibits an intriguing atmosphere highlighting the airy, breathy allure of the flute. The track is a light, calm breath of freshness. Not much is known about the artist, adding to their charm. Millilillis’ entrance into the music scene starts off promising, and it will be exciting to follow their trajectory as they grow. JB

Antsy – So Long

Out March 16

Driving synthesizers and crackling drums make for the best synth-pop recipe. Throw in a catchy melody and you’ve got a stew going, baby! The stew in question is the new single by Antsy, a Reykjavík-based French synth-pop project. “So Long” is an uptempo, indie-rock inspired track, slightly reminiscent of Berndsen, with a hint of Kraftwerk as well. Wavering between happiness and melancholy, the track demonstrates Antsy’s musical talents. The track is from Antsy’s upcoming debut album, set to be released in May. JB

Emiliana Torrini – Racing the Storm

Out March 17

Joined by the Belgian chamber-pop group The Colorist Orchestra, Emiliana Torrini is back with a bang. Racing the Storm shows how pop music can shine through powerful compositions implemented by only a handful of instruments. What ultimately shines through is Emiliana’s vocal performance. Tying together Emiliana’s humble beginnings in the Icelandic music scene to the global superstar she is today. The album manages to give off a certain cosmopolitan vibe. You can imagine Emiliana writing the album all over the world, incorporating the different sounds and atmospheric notions she’s encountered. Truly a stellar piece of art, which is nothing short of what we expected from her. JB

Halldór Eldjárn & GDRN – Gleymmérei

Out March 17

Brightening up our Friday this week are the multi-talented Halldór Eldjárn and GDRN, bringing us the endearing track “Gleymmérei.” The title refers to the flower of the same name, meaning forget-me-not, which sticks to your clothes and hangs tight like a beautiful memory. The song’s ethereal soundscape was inspired by Halldór’s personal cassettes he found while making the song. Mixed in with the soft beats and tender string composition are GDRN’s warm vocals, linking everything together into a graceful musical piece. Accompanying the single is a music video, directed by Ísak Hinriksson. JB

Myrkvi – Self-Pity

Out March 17

What guitar-based band can say they aren’t inspired by The Strokes? I’ll tell you – maybe a few. Nevertheless, Myrkvi’s newest offering to the airwaves aptly demonstrates that electric guitars and catchy choruses are very much so relevant. This 00’s inspired indie-rock track checks all the right marks. Fans who have been following Myrkvi can also hear a slight hint of his previous band, Vio, as a subtle reminder of Myrkvi’s songwriting proficiency. Along with his right-hand man Yngvi Holm, Myrkvi is set to release the album Early Warning later in 2023. Check out the music video as well. Bonus points for nunchucks. JB

Óreiða – The Eternal

Out March 17

Þórir Georg is a busy man. He is set to release a compilation of his older works, Nokkur Góð, on April 14. Óreiða is one of Þórir’s many prolific faces and his outlet of lo-fi, atmospheric black metal. In addition to his April release, Þórir is also set to release an Óreiða album on May 12. That’s less than a month between releases!? Turning it up to 11, “The Eternal” is a seven-minute long work of heavy-hitting drums, grinding electric guitars, and a choir of deep male voices. The track is an ambitious piece of work, delivering a dark ambiance, perfect when you’ve had enough of the sun’s rays. Released by the French underground label Debemur Morti, it’s fair to say that we ain’t seen nothing yet from Óreiða. JB

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