From Iceland — A Third Of Icelanders Already Have Netflix

A Third Of Icelanders Already Have Netflix

Published February 19, 2016

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About a third of Icelandic households have Netflix already, and those numbers are expected to grow.

According to a new poll from Market and Media Research, 33.2% of Icelanders have the online streaming service in their homes. In additional 7.5% say they intend to get a subscription over the next six months.

Demographically, men were slightly more likely than women to have a Netflix subscription. The most and least educated alike were also highly likely to have Netflix in their homes, while younger Icelanders were more likely to have it than older ones. The likelihood of a subscription also increases with income level.

Political divisions were particularly interesting. Conservatives were the most likely by far to have Netflix, edging out even the internet-savvy Pirate Party voters. Progressive Party voters were the least likely to have Netflix.

As reported, Netflix finally arrived in Iceland last month after years of negotiations. Their arrival has not gone without criticism, but for now, the online streaming service looks set to expand its market share in Iceland.

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