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Czech Republic To Guard Iceland From October

Published February 19, 2016

Photos by
Msgt. Billy Johnston, USAF/Wikimedia Commons

The Czech air force will be patrolling Iceland’s airspace from October, with troops arriving in advance in late September.

The Prague Monitor reports that pilots flying JAS-39 Gripen fighters will be coming to Iceland in early October. Shortly before then, Czech soldiers will be arriving to initiate advance preparations.

“The flight of an advanced group along with the first part of the task force is being planned for Iceland,” Tomas Maruscak of the general staff press department told reporters. “This will be followed by the flight of the JAS-39 Gripen fighters and the remaining part of the task force. Thanks to this, the first certification flights are to take place at the end of September or in early October.”

The troops are expected to stay in Iceland and patrol its airspace for at least 21 days.

Iceland, while having no standing military of its own, is a NATO country. As such, air military from various NATO countries regularly visit to conduct patrols. The Czech military last engaged in air patrols of Iceland two years ago.

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