The Winner & Runners-up Of This Week’s #GVPics

The Winner & Runners-up Of This Week’s #GVPics

The sky is clear, the sun is shining and our readers have captured the country in its most beautiful attire, spring!

It’s always a pure joy looking over the entries in our #GVpics competition and the stunning photos of this week really make driving in the middle of nowhere, a tempting idea.

For a chance of becoming the winner of the Grapevine Instagram competition, remember to keep tagging your photographs with #GVpics, and without further ado

The runners-up:

There is nothing like an ice-cold beer on an ice-cold glacier.

Did you know that the word “föstudagur” which means friday in Icelandic comes from the fact that this was the day when they could not eat meat? Although today some call it “flöskudagur” because flaska translates as bottle, and this is the day when they can finally unwind after a long week and party. We wish you all a good weekend!? ______________________ Tudtátok, hogy izlandiul a péntek “föstudagur”, ami eredetileg azt jelentette, hogy ezen a napon nem ettek húst. Manapság viszont sokan a pénteket “floskudagurnak” hívják, a “flaska” szó miatt, ami a palack izlandi megfelelöje, hiszen ezen a napon engedhetik el megukat végre a hosszú hét után, és ihatnak egy pohárral. Mindenkinek nagyon szép hétvégét kívánunk!? #erlendistravel #iceland #izland #facts #friday #saturday #weekend #beer #glacier #ice #nature #mik #ikozosseg #mutimitiszol #mutimiteszel #drink #hungarian_photographers #instahun #travel #friend #magyar #magyarig #wow #gvpics #we #bestoficeland #picoftheday #love #pia #sör

A photo posted by Erlendis Travel (@erlendistravel) on

This slide is surely just as cold as it is fun.

Squad goals.

Beautiful scenery, a historic church and a popsicle!

#? Ananas popsicle, perfect after the pool. 晴天后游完泳一颗菠萝冰棍儿,完美耶

A photo posted by Xiaochen (@xxiaochenn) on

Reykjavík’s aesthetics interpreted in one photograph.

This is where I need to be, right now.

Nature-bathing at its most beautiful.

Thanks to @valfreyjaa for this. Miss you ❤️ #iceland #mývatn #mývatnnaturebath #gvpics

A photo posted by ???kerstin??? (@kerstinnnnnnn) on

“Go stand on that hill, it’ll make for a good photo.” 11 minutes later:

This Monday is making me feel as stranded as this boat.

A morning duck meeting.”


Thanks to @valfreyjaa for this. Miss you ❤️ #iceland #mývatn #mývatnnaturebath #gvpics

A photo posted by ???kerstin??? (@kerstinnnnnnn) on

Congratulations Kerstin!. We are simply in love with this stunning photograph taken in Mývatn. The Grapevine T-shirt and goodie bag await you!

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