From Iceland — Track By Track: Pure Rockets By Xiupill

Track By Track: Pure Rockets By Xiupill

Published October 19, 2023

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Xiupill’s Pure Rockets explores suffering and transcendence

Gabber-punks Xiupill released their debut LP Pure Rockets on July 14. A philosophical manifesto on suffering, transcendence and aesthetic sovereignty, Xiupill’s experimental hip-hop moves mountains on their latest album. Xiupill told us a thing or two about their latest creation.

Motorola Shooters

A call to arms, a war song. A dystopia where daily basis things become weapons of an army. Hyper accelerated reality.

Born 2 Get Lost

A song about wanting something that is impossible to get. The hope for the existence of some higher spiritual deity or power and the anger resulting from not finding it, leading to the desire of wanting to destroy it.

Don’t care to know

The good old. Easy come, easy go. Dynamism and motivation in times of doubt. Letting all logic go out the window and letting freedom in ignorance fly in.


A song about the shaping of the character during youth. Fragility, inner lights, shadows and dancing with your own ghosts. Coming to terms with grievances from the past and finding a new rhythm in the present.


The most self-explanatory song on the album. A straight question to people being so obsessed with their image nowadays and an invitation to break those roles – be free while you dance on a cyclone.

100 Crimes

A song about love, doubts and the lack of time we have to enjoy being with someone else. Also about the things you will do to be with someone even if there is no morality in them.

Gay 4

Eternal waiting, trying to reach the impossible and the desired one being an unreachable thing. Holding on to hope in a hopeless world. Lying to yourself that someone or something will eventually save you.

Dog in the Pi

A song about wanting more and more. The never-ending sensation of a rush that turns you into a wild animal.


An unconventional summer love story. The night and the club as sacred spaces. And a manifesto about self-empowerment and aggression against normativity. A question on finding self-esteem “under the knife” and how we keep searching for some form of freedom through changing our appearances externally and internally through the seasons.

New Religion

An exercise about contradiction, love and wanting to see everything that’s holy burn in the sky. The search for new sacred things inside ourselves. Coming to terms with the possibility of rejection. The desire to protect something that doesn’t wish to be protected.


“A song must be a knife,” as a statement. Fragility, fear, sacrifices and all the things that happen in our hearts that our brains can’t comprehend. “Days going by our heads,” as we try to find a balance between our hearts and logic.


A song about using hate as the fuel that moves us. Hate as something that destroys but also has the ability to create new worlds. Pure fun on the edge of existence. A statement against any fear of death.

We outside

This is a mantra: We free, we free from ourselves, break the fear, nothing is that important, we are exposed, fragile, cute and, most of all, outside.

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