From Iceland — Grapevine Events: Eurovision, Kári, Kink, Gardening & More

Grapevine Events: Eurovision, Kári, Kink, Gardening & More

Published May 11, 2023

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Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Oh boy, we are busy over here at Grapevine HQ (insert spiral-eyes emoji.) We just barely dropped an issue on your last Friday, featuring an amazing cover story on musician Nanna, and just like that, we’re into our biweekly summer season. We’re also swept up in the Eurovision lead-up madness, with our staff already placing their bets and stretching their speed-dial finger for their picks.

Our music editor Jóhannes is also field reporting from Taste of Iceland’s The Singing Fish Circus event in New York City this weekend, which none of us are the least bit envious of. Not one bit (insert two-blue-lines-sobbing emoji.) There’s plenty of fun to be had over here, so have a great week ahead!

KÁRI ‘Palm Trees In The Snow’ Album Release Show

Facebook Event

Thursday May 11 — 21:00 — Independence Hall (former NASA) — 4.900 ISK

Thrashing into the music scene with whirlwind-like determination, 22-year-old Kári brings a very welcome jazzy elegance to Iceland’s pop-music landscape. Kári released his debut album last March, full of melodic pop songs that incorporate elements of jazz and bossa nova. Let the sounds carry you away to a tropical island tonight in the space formerly known as Nasa. IZ

Eurovision Finals Party Omnibus

Eurovision 2023

Eurovision Song Contest

Thursday May 11 – Saturday May 13 — Various locations & prices

Eurovision hysteria is back in town! We mean it. If you’ve never been in Reykjavík during Eurovision before — brace yourself for a wild ride. Believe it or not, even local punks watch Eurovision. While some might prefer to enjoy the song contest from the comfort of their bed or friend’s couch, checking out some of the downtown parties is another option. IZ

Here are a few to choose from:

  • Free second Semi-Final and Grand Final screening at Bíó Paradís
  • Sing your favourite Eurovision song in karaoke at Loft
  • Euro concert at Háskólabíó
  • Viewing parties on Thursday and Saturday at Gaukurinn

Kinky Coney Iceland

Kinki coney Iceland

Facebook Event

Sunday May 14 — 20:00 — The National Theatre — 3.500 ISK

If you happen to be one of the few people like me who still mourn the loss of the cult HBO series Carnivàle — the period-piece drama about a circus travelling around dust-bowl era America harbouring outlaws, hooligans, and mystical beings — and you have not yet heard of Coney Iceland or seen one of their shows, you literally must go to this! Founded by American sword-swallowing clown Jelly Boy and his partner, Lipurtá the clown, the troupe brings together all the classics of the Coney Island sideshow boardwalks: circus folk, drag artists, burlesque dancers, and freaks. This extra special super risqué kinky show will be full of BDSM tricks, and will feature the American vampire-drag king Bobby Lugosi. It’s gonna be an ass-spanking, blood-sucking good time! RX

Gardening Tips – the Kitchen Garden

Reykjavík botanical garden Facebook Event carrots

Facebook Event

Tuesday May 16 — 17:00 — Reykjavík Botanical Garden — Free

Have you ever picked up one of those potted plants of basil at Bónus, proudly strolled home daydreaming about your endless batches of pesto, totally forgetting that you couldn’t keep a plant alive if your life depended on it? Well now’s your chance to learn how to keep those leaves alive! The Reykjavík Botanical Garden, The Icelandic Horticultural Society, The Invasive Plants in Reykjavík project, RVK Tool Library are hosting this gardening advice workshop where you can finally learn all about sowing, planting and taking care of edible plants. Knowing how to feed yourself from nature is one of the best skills a person can have, and honestly, your life might depend on it sooner than you think. RX

Pthumulhu, Hekla & Náriðill

R6013 Facebook Event Image

Facebook Event

Wednesday May 17 — 18:00 — R6013 — Free, donations welcome

Next Thursday marks Ascension Day, the last of the Easter Extended 12” Remix holidays, and our last bank holiday for a long while. Sad times. But that means Wednesday is a party night, and what better way to close out Return of the Christ-season than with some spooky and heavy music in a decrepit basement! Okay that’s a lie — the basement is delightful! Head over to R6013 for Iceland’s number one theremin-witch Hekla, black metal newcomers Náriðill, and the dark and mysterious trio Pthumulhu, and embrace your inner darkness as you bask in the light of night. RX

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