From Iceland — Icelandic Skier Breaks National Record

Icelandic Skier Breaks National Record

Published April 11, 2023

Photo by
Skapti Hallgrímsson

Andri Teitsson did something productive with his long weekend, breaking an Icelandic cross-country skiing record by skiing 238.9 kilometers in just 24 hours. Teitsson had been thinking about attempting the record for three years and finally decided to go for it.

“I totally believed I could do this, but I was naturally a little nervous,” Teitsson told

Icelandic Olympians Al­bert Jóns­son and Snorri Ein­ars­son first set a record during the pandemic by skiing 200 km in 24 hours. That record was broken last year when Olympian Ein­ar Ólafs­son covered 203 km in 24 hours.

Teitsson began the challenge at 11:00 on April 6 and completed the impressive feat a day later. “The right season, the right skiing conditions, and the right weather” were all key factors in his success, Teitsson said.

Despite being in great physical shape, the challenge was still incredibly tough, both mentally and physically. Teitsson only took a few breaks during the 24 hours, during which he ate and rested, but he remained determined to achieve his goal.

“It was very difficult, I was tired in my body and in my head, especially after being alone there all night walking in the dark and cold,” Teitsson said.

Teitsson prepared meticulously for the challenge, bringing along four pairs of skis and plenty of food. Conditions were good for the most part, but the first day was sunny and warm, which made the skiing flow more difficult. The night was much better, with freezing temperatures and a slow wind that helped Teitsson’s flow.

Teitsson’s impressive achievement was met with an outpouring of support, with many people joining him for stretches of his journey.

“There were an amazing number of people who came and showed interest, but I didn’t expect that. Many walked one kilometer with me and some who never go skiing still came to see me and encourage me,” Teitsson said.

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