From Iceland — Things We Overheard At Iceland Airwaves 2022

Things We Overheard At Iceland Airwaves 2022

Published November 9, 2022

Photo by
Joana Fontinha, Cat Gundry-Beck

You spend a ridiculous amount of time waiting at festivals. Whether it’s waiting in line to get into a venue for the band you’re really excited about, waiting for that song you REALLY wanted to hear live, waiting for the beer to pour into your glass at a nearby bar (is it just us or does it always pour the slowest when your next gig is just in 10 minutes?), or waiting for your hangover to pass (unless you followed our Airwaves hangover survival guide.) Somehow, it’s in those endless lines and minutes you’re trying to kill that most of the funniest stuff happens. We’ve been noting down the best things we overheard at Iceland Airwaves this year to make you laugh at them too.

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[Security guard stopping us at Fríkirkjan and accidentally challenging us to a game of who downs their drink faster]

“Drinks are not allowed. It’s a church.”

[A stranger on their way to the next gig, feeling desperate. Oh, how we feel you, darling]


[A couple of strangers when the realisation that they have to go to Fríkirkjan, not Hallgrímskirkja, has dawned on them]

“Oh, it’s in that church.”

[Someone watching gugusar on stage. Boy, we do agree]

“We want more women to play. I mean look at this, it’s amazing.”

[A couple of tourists being genuinely sad as they queue outside Gaukurinn. It’s freezing]

“I wanna see where I’m going next but I can’t cause the website’s not working.”

[No, this girl is not talking about her Tinder dates]

“I’m seeing this guy in 20 min, this guy in 10 and about that one… I’m still not sure.”

[At 10:30 am on Friday morning]

“Daughters of Reykjavík are the best thing that’s happened to hip hop in Iceland, and maybe even Europe.”
“Are you still drunk?!”

[On watching a sad, hungover journalist eat soggy, reheated fries in her pyjamas in the office]

“I wish I could save you from yourself.”

[The gym I’m seriously considering joining]

“I’m exercising my goth muscles.”

[A bold statement, but god, we did encounter that]

“Be back here at 10 pm, you’re going to come face to face with a rap god.”

[The aforementioned god certainly knows how to market himself]

“It’s going to be a religious experience.”

[Dude, it’s not a competition. Very impressive, though]

“I did 47,000 steps for the day.”

[On making post-festival plans]

“I’m going to sleep a lot tomorrow and probably on Monday.”

[We certainly are]

“I feel like everybody is semi-losing their minds.”

[Discussing the latest headwear trend in town]

“I’d feel like a mushroom in this hat.”

[A friend speaking about her СrossFit class, but sounding like she’s having an existential crisis]

“I close my eyes, and open my mind.”

[A line to the men’s bathroom]

“Codependending, that’s what we’re doing here.”

[Well, we really doubt Megan Markle met Prince Harry at a sweaty gig]

“Why isn’t Ólafur Arnalds single?”

[A genuine disappointment about what Crack Cloud advertised at the IA website and what they delivered]

“There was supposed to be 50 people and a dog, but there was just 7 people and no dog.”

[This one… We are not even sure what this was about]

“Who’s doing this pagan music?”

[Mate, we feel your pain]

“I was outside in line for half an hour and got in last minute.”

[A team member on the lookout for weird bands]

“I’m on the market for religion.”

Again, Iceland Airwaves 2022, this has been extremely fun. We’ll be back next year, with more coverage and…eavesdropping!

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