From Iceland — Bullying In Hafnarfjörður: A Number Of Kids Have Apologised

Bullying In Hafnarfjörður: A Number Of Kids Have Apologised

Published October 25, 2022

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Vísir / Arnar

Last week we reported about a twelve-year-old girl from Hafnarfjörður that has been bullied and abused by a group of children of the same age. Sædís Hrönn Samúelsdóttir, the mother of the bullied girl, says that their lives have been an emotional roller coaster since they came forward and reported on Ísabella’s experiences. Since then, a number of young people have apologised to Ísabella, reports Vísir.

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According to the girl’s mother, Sædís Hrönn Samúelsdóttir, her daughter has been bullied for about a year. It is believed that about thirty children have participated in this, both her fellow students from Hraunvalla School in Hafnarfjörður and students from other schools. The girl has been repeatedly told to take her own life by her peers.

Ísabella’s story has provoked strong reactions in society due to the state of bullying and violence in this country. “People are just sending us messages, calling us and coming to us. People have given her all kinds of things. This is endless. Kids asking for forgiveness and kids visiting her,” says Sædís.

Sædís shares that a lot of people see themselves in this story. “We did not expect this at all. We just wanted it to stop. We had enough,” she says.

In an interview, the principal of Hraunvalla School said that the matter has reached a solid stage and will be worked on with the municipal authorities in Hafnarfjörður. Ísabella still does not trust the school. When asked whether she’s satisfied with how things are going, Ísabella said: “I’ll think about it.”

Voices of criticism have been heard in the community, questioning whether it was right to allow Ísabella to speak about the matter. Sædís says this was the right decision: “Yes I think so. She wanted to do this, and it was her choice. You can argue about many things, and people have many opinions, but not many people have been in our shoes and can say what it’s like.”

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