From Iceland — Representatives Propose Measures To Rid Reykjavík Of Seagulls

Representatives Propose Measures To Rid Reykjavík Of Seagulls

Published August 30, 2022

Photo by
Arnold Paul/Wikimedia Commons

Representatives of the Independence Party have submitted a proposal to take action against birds in Reykjavík, reports RÚV.

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The proposal suggests strict measures be taken against seagulls at Tjörnin in Reykjavík, and that steps be taken to prevent seagull nesting on islands in Kollafjörður.

City representative Kjartan Magnússon says the measures would protect both human and animal life in the city because seagulls have a harmful effect on other wildlife in the city center.

“There are first active measures to scare the seagull away,” says Kjartan. “There has been talk of shooting them, which has been done in many parts of the country. Seagull are intelligent birds; they realise when they are being bullied and fly higher and even leave. Additionally, a prominent sign is needed to encourage people not to feed them. They eat anything, whether it is bread or ducklings. So we have to stop the nesting of the seagulls, as was done for decades.”

Seagulls have become very prominent in the city and are often aggressive. The association of municipalities in the capital area took action in 2007 to drive away seagulls, but little or nothing has been done since 2010. Kjartan says it is time to take stronger action.

“Some use the analogy that the seagull is like a flying rat. I don’t want to speak so strongly, but I understand the analogy well when you see them among the ducks and ducklings here at the pond,” he says.

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