From Iceland — The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns

Published July 15, 2022

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Screenshot/Stöð 2

If you were worried about what became of Nóra, the cat who escaped Animal Services after being snitched out by an angry neighbour, worry no more.

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Guðmundur Felixson, one of Nóra’s owners, announced on Facebook that she had been spotted repeatedly around the area of the Reykjavík Zoo but attempts at capturing her had been futile as she had grown wary of cages. In the end, employees of the zoo managed to get their hands on her and bring her home.

He thanked employees of the City of Reykjavík for their help, adding, “Hopefully Nóra’s adventure leads to the City of Reykjavík changing their methods when it comes to such operations.”

The operation that Guðmundur refers to here is how Nóra ended up in Animal Services custody in the first place.

One of Nóra’s neighbours disliked Nóra and had apparently called Animal Services on her, who set up a trap for Nóra and caught her. However, Nóra’s owners only learned that she was in custody after the neighbour in question told them so. Shortly thereafter, Nóra escaped Animal Services through an open window and had been on the run ever since.

“My understanding is the City of Reykjavík has more or less stopped using this tactic and only do so when everything else has been tried,” Guðmundur told reporters at the time, pointing out that his neighbourhood is full of cats. “They should have at least got in touch with us first.”

No matter what, Nóra is at least home for now, and will likely be spoiled over the next few days after being gone so long.

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