From Iceland — Social Media Creator Denied Residence Permit In Iceland

Social Media Creator Denied Residence Permit In Iceland

Published April 4, 2022

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Kyana Sue Powers' social media

An American social media creator, Kyana Sue Powers, who runs a consulting company in Iceland, has been denied a residence permit because she does not have special education in her profession, Frettabladid reports.

Kyana first came to Iceland in 2018. She immediately fell in love with the country and decided to move there. Getting the Icelandic residence permit was difficult, says Kyana: “I went to the embassy in the United States and was recommended to marry an Icelander. That was their answer.”

When Kyana came to Iceland, she decided to apply for a work permit. However, the job search didn’t go well. Kyana tells: “Nobody wanted to hire a US citizen. There was a lot of paperwork involved. I have a Master’s degree, but hundreds of companies rejected my application.”

Kyana then decided that enrolling in a local university could be her ticket into the country. She studied at the University of Iceland for one year.

At that time, Kyana started using TikTok and Instagram reels. Many of her videos have become viral. Currently, she is one of the biggest TikTok stars in the country.

It was after her TikTok success that Icelandic companies began to approach Kyana to collaborate on various projects.

Kyana has then founded a company that specializes in TikTok and Instagram marketing. She has applied for a residence permit based on employment in Iceland. Earlier this month, her application was rejected on the grounds that Kyana did not have special education in the field of social media and that the Icelandic workforce was being protected.

Kyana says she has 24 days to leave the country, adding that she is working on a documentary about her fight for a residence permit in the country. “Of course, we are appealing, but it takes 24 months. I have 24 days,” she adds.

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