From Iceland — Krummi, The Katla Raven, Speaks Out

Krummi, The Katla Raven, Speaks Out

Published July 22, 2021

Erik Pomrenke
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Rebecca Cathrine Kaad Ostenfeld operates a small animal rescue on her farm, Hólar, near Búðardalur. This farm, however, has a secret: among the various horses, dogs, chickens, and even guinea pigs, can be found a star from Baltasar Kormákur’s most recent series, Katla.

Krummi the raven came to the farm six years ago after an injury. He has since recovered and even has his own little house outside the family farm.

His repertoire includes classic hits like “what,” “hi,” “yes,” “no,” and “Baltasar.” Incidentally, these phrases are generally the first taught to foreigners learning the language, as encountering Baltasar Kormákur in downtown Reykjavik has become an increasingly common hurdle to tourists and immigrants alike in recent years.

More bone-chillingly, Krummi can also say “Hello, mother.” In a recent interview with Morgunblaðið, Ostenfeld describes a spooky encounter with Krummi:

“How do you think I felt one dark winter night out in the sheepfold when I suddenly heard him call mother? At first I thought it was my daughter. Then I turned around and it was the raven. It was not a little scary.”

Ostenfeld was initially reluctant to have the family friend star in Katla, but she says to Morgunblaðið that she was always close by, and that the film crew treated him very respectfully.

Krummi has since watched Katla with the family, and even shouts “Krummi!” when he sees himself on screen.

When we reached out to Krummi to talk about the reception of the series and his future plans in the film industry we received no further comment.

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