From Iceland — COVID-19 Expected To Peak Around April 10th

COVID-19 Expected To Peak Around April 10th

Published March 19, 2020

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Surgeon General Alma Möller told RÚV that the COVID-19 epidemic could peak three Fridays from now, on April 10th. However, she said that this is predicted with great reservations, as there are a number of contingencies that simply cannot be anticipated.

Experts have looked at the virus’ behaviour in Iceland and other countries such as China and Italy, and have come to an understanding of the future of the virus in this country. According to their forecast, it is likely that when COVID-19 peaks, around 40 people will likely be hospitalised at any one time, but that number could go over 100. Of those numbers, anywhere between seven and 40 people could be in intensive care. “The best predictions are that we will be at the peak of the epidemic maybe around the 10th of April, plus or minus five or so days. Definitely in the middle of April.”

She went on to say that the greatest burden on intensive care would probably not be until a few days after the peak, likely around April 14th. When asked about respirators, Alma said that there are 26 machines at Landspitali Hospital, four in Akureyri, and a number of others in ambulances and operating rooms.

Alma stressed that these predictions are made with great caution and reservation, and anything could change in the coming days.

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