From Iceland — Hollywood Robs Icelandic Musician Of His Star

Hollywood Robs Icelandic Musician Of His Star

Published December 6, 2019

Inês Pereira
Photo by
Björgvin Halldórsson's facebook

Musician Björgvin Halldórsson was the first Icelandic celebrity to have his fame immortalized with a star engraved on the sidewalk outside Hafnarfjörður’s Bæjarbíó theatre, and it turns out he’s the only celeb that will ever receive the honour. After catching wind of Hafnarfjörður’s tribute to Icelandic celebrity, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce argued that the star is trademarked making its reproduction illegal, reports RÚV.

The Hafnarfjörður City Council had wanted to pay homage to Icelandic musicians by creating a path resembling the famed “Hollywood Walk of Fame,” in the United States. Following the inauguration of Björgvin’s star, the Council received a letter from Hollywood claiming the rights for the image. The letter was discussed yesterday, culminating in the removal of Björgvin’s star.

Björgvin has been a beloved Icelandic pop star for over 50 years. In 1995, he represented the country in Eurovision, finishing in15th place. In that classic song, named “Núna” or “If It’s Gonna End in Heartache,” the crooner begs his love interest to postpone his pain, and not break his heart just yet. Maybe a listening party could have softened the Hollywood lawyers’ hearts.

In an update from RÚV, the City announced they will be redesigning the star, making it legal, before returning it to the sidewalk in front of Bæjarbíó and restoring Björgvin’s honour.

A lot of people would agree that some names should be removed from the real Walk of Fame—think Bill Cosby, or Donald Trump—maybe they have some space for Björgvin in Hollywood?

Instead of a measly star, might we suggest naming a glacier after the man; he deserves it. Björgvinsjökull could help us all get over the death of Ok.

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