From Iceland — Playlist: From Bad Acid Trip with Elli Grill To Daughters of RVK

Playlist: From Bad Acid Trip with Elli Grill To Daughters of RVK

Published December 6, 2019

Valur Grettisson

Elli Grill – Nú Koma Jólin

Úff, what the fuck. This song is a combination of an acid trip and the notorious Leoncie—which is arguably the same thing. It’s some kind of a reggae Christmas track, which is broken up with metal and crazy club music—all, of course, within three minutes. That said, the video is downright brilliant. Elli Grill is famous for his weird high pitched joker-ish voice and I think “Nú Koma Jólin” is the closest we can get to live in the decadent mind of a psychopath. Count me in. VG

Shades of Reykjavík – Aftur í Bíl

After a few years of silence, Shades of Reykjavik is back with “Aftur í Bíl.” With a persistent beat and a lyrical hook that is sure to get stuck in your head, the track definitely slaps. The video is also a wild ride. Highlights include two hooded skeletons racing around Reykjavík while the cops chase them… until aliens abduct the cops. Just regular weekend shenanigans for the SoR crew. SPO

Elín Hall – Upp að mér

Formerly known as Elín Sif, Elín Hall’s voice is simply gorgeous and will resurrect some long-buried emotions. The new single, “Upp að mér,” is a beautiful teaser for her upcoming debut album which will be full of equally dreamy and delicate songs, I’m sure. Honestly, I cried a little during her Airwaves performance. LM

JFDR – My Work

An almost-uncomfortably intimate release by Jófríður. “My Work” is a visceral lament about pain, regret, despair, and growing up with lyrics like, “Oh mother would you cry if I tell you the things I have done, hurried my death and done my beauty so wrong.” Jeez. Don’t play at a party, but definitely in your room when you want to sob. HJC

Daughters Of Reykjavík – Sweets

Daughters Of Reykjavík—FKA Reykjavíkurdætur—are back with an English/Icelandic track featuring a seductive sound and luscious lyrics. The daughters have never done an English track before, and that, along with their newly translated name presumably means they’re now looking abroad for success. Treat yourself to those sweets and wish them well. LM/HJC

SPÜNK – Barnalaug

Here is something for the degenerates. This album is heavy, featuring down-tuned instruments, screaming vocals, and thick double bass on the drums. I feel like I’m in somebody’s basement, three feet away from a circle pit when listening to this album. It’s fast. It’s harsh. It’s the kind of music your parents would hate. Or at least mine would. SPO

Oyama – Spare Room

Oyama lets the sun in with a shoegaze track that delivers once again. “Spare Room” is made for you to close your eyes, sit back, and ask yourself some difficult questions while you vibe to the dreamy guitars. IP

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