From Iceland — Tourist Vs. Rainbow Flag: 0-1, Rainbow Flag

Tourist Vs. Rainbow Flag: 0-1, Rainbow Flag

Published August 12, 2019

An American tourist stormed out of Hallgrímskirkja on August 11th after taking offence to the display of rainbow flags in the church. It seems American Evangelical exclusivity takes no rest, even on holiday. Before storming out, the unnamed delicate flower had a heated discussion with a church attendant.

“Excuse me. Is that a rainbow flag in the church?” The tourist asked. It’s a fair question. The bright colours don’t always give it away.

“Yes, it is,” responded the attendant, confirming that the tourist’s eyes did not deceive.

“Why would a church have that?” Another fair question. Churches have historically been in favour of executing gay people and not flying rainbow flags.

“Because we believe that God’s love is inclusive for all people, irrespective of their sexuality or background.” This church aims to rectify history’s transgressions. Nice.

“Jesus would never accept that.”

“Yes, he would.”

“No, he would not.”

“I’m afraid we will have to disagree on that.” Who is this attendant? Can I shake their hand?

“This is not a Christian church! Shame!” The anonymous theology expert then huffed out of the church. I am certain they have a lot to say about Christian love and unity in regards to recent media buzz concerning what has been happening in the United States.

As someone who grew up in an Evangelical Christian Church, my parents and their friends forced me to read the Bible a lot. As a result, I know for certain that Jesus would preach unconditional love and tell the haters to leave the judgement to God. Fortunately, most Americans who come to visit Iceland realise this, and refrain from engaging in theological debates with church attendants.

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