From Iceland — Sprengidagur: Blast Day Comes to Reykjavik

Sprengidagur: Blast Day Comes to Reykjavik

Published March 5, 2019

Photo by
Bragi H/Wikimedia Commons

If there is one thing I have observed about Icelandic people it is that generally speaking, they are not set on a particular meal order. Sweet can come before savoury or in some cases sweet can even come before savoury. So it stands to reason that following on from the festivities of Bolludagur yesterday we are met with Sprengidagur today, otherwise known as blast day.

Taking it at face value, you may think that Blast Day perhaps has something to do with bonfires or fireworks? In actuality, Sprengidagur is another day of fantastic food and company where the “Blast” comes from the people eating the food. For on Sprengidagur we are expected to eat until we pop.

Much like Bolldagur yesterday, Sprengidagur has no fixed date as its date is tied to the ever-shifting Easter period. It does however always fall on the Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday. Given that this is then the beginning of Lent, typically a time of fasting, it becomes much clearer as to why the Icelandic people would take some time to stuff themselves with food.

If you want your Sprengidagur to be traditional then not just any food will do. Typically people will eat a particular dish called saltkjöt og baunir which is a kind of split pea soup that is accompanied by a delicious salted lamb. Once you taste it then you will want to eat until you explode as well.

For those who are not in the country today but still want to celebrate we have tracked down an easy to follow recipe that will allow you to eat like an Icelander no matter where you are.

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