From Iceland — Reynisfjara Possibly Featured In 'Frozen 2' Trailer, Some Tour Guides Concerned

Reynisfjara Possibly Featured In ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer, Some Tour Guides Concerned

Published February 20, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Film Select/The Walt Disney Company

A new trailer for Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ shows some superhuman behaviour taking place at what looks like Reynisfjara, and Icelandic tour guides took notice.

While the Frozen universe takes place primarily in Norway, a new trailer for the sequel opens with a scene that closely resembles Reynisfjara, a South Iceland beach that is as beautiful as it is potentially dangerous, and can prove challenging for tour guides when tourists do not heed warnings about the dangers of the beach. (Article continues after video.)

The resemblance did not go unnoticed by some Icelandic tour guides, either. In Bakland Ferðaþjónustunnar, a closed Facebook group for Icelandic tour guides, a thread was started that features the trailer, with the original poster speculating that “there is an opportunity to reach a lot of people, for example in the United States”, along with assurances that he is not joking.

This sparked a lively discussion. One tour guide expressed concerns, echoed by a few others, that “we don’t want tourists to try and recreate this scene”, referring to Elsa literally running across the water and attempting to freeze a giant wave with magical powers. The very next commenter responds, probably facetiously, in the affirmative, saying, “It would be good to point out to people that not everyone can walk on water and it is therefore advisable to keep clear of the sea when such a large wave is about to crash on the beach.”

In case it needed saying: Reynisfjara is absolutely gorgeous to visit and look at, provided you are out of reach of the waves. In addition, by no means should anyone not possessing magical powers attempt to run across the waves at Reynisfjara—or at any other beach for that matter.

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