From Iceland — VIDEO: Yet Another Tourist Rescued After Getting Too Close To Reynisfjara Beach

VIDEO: Yet Another Tourist Rescued After Getting Too Close To Reynisfjara Beach

Published December 14, 2018

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Despite repeated warnings not to do so, another tourist has ventured too close to Reynisfjara beach, and was nearly swept into the sea yesterday, Vísir reports. An Icelandic tour guide responded quickly, rescuing him, and the event was captured on video.

According to witnesses at the scene, the man in question ignored warnings from others not to get too close to the beach. Within seconds of descending the surf, a wave swept up and caught the man, pulling him towards the sea. An Icelandic tour guide quickly ran down the beach to rescue him and, with the help of others, managed to get him back onto land. Witnesses say the man appeared very tired after his struggle against the current.

A tourist on the scene recorded the event, which they passed on to Vísir.

(Video: Ví

It should really go without saying by now, but Reynisfjara is beautiful but dangerous, and best seen from a safe distance. Even with a prominent sign warning tourists of the dangers and words of caution from tour guides, it seems there will always be someone ready to test fate.

We implore you: do not be one of those people. Much like a polar bear, Reynisfjara is beautiful and captivating, but best watched from a safe distance and you should never get within striking range of it.

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