From Iceland — Icelandic Farmer Posts Video Depicting Killing And Preparing To Butcher Vegans

Icelandic Farmer Posts Video Depicting Killing And Preparing To Butcher Vegans

Published January 8, 2019

Andie Fontaine
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A farmer from the West Iceland town of Borgarnes posted a short video he made last year that depicts killing vegan protesters, and then preparing to butcher one of them.

In the video, four vegan protesters can be seen holding signs reading “animals are people too”, “murder in every instance” and such. Soon, a farmer emerges, asking, “What kind of bullshit is this?”, aims his rifle, and fells two of them, with the other two running away. The farmer takes one of the dead protesters by the legs, dragging him away. When we see him next, the vegan is hanging naked, upside-down, as the farmer smiles and sharpens a blade.

“Veganuary eat vegan in January”, superimposed text on the video reads, referring to the international holiday that Iceland also participates in.

As DV reports, the video has received a considerably strong reaction, with even some meat-eaters saying they felt the video goes too far.

In a brief interview with DV, the farmer in question, Þórarinn Svavarsson, told reporters that he has not seen any particularly negative response from vegetarians or vegans, but admits he is not in any vegan Facebook groups. When asked if he has something against vegans, he replied, “I think it’s just great that these people do what they want. I have no particular opinion about them.”

Could have fooled us.

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