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Forbidden To Say Ice Cream Is “Made With Love”

Published December 21, 2017

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Health authorities in Reykjavík froze distribution of an ice cream brand, amongst other reasons for contending it was “made with love”.

Vísir reports Reykjavík health authorities blocked distribution of ice cream from Ísleifur heppni, a family-run ice cream shop located at Hlemmur’s Mathöllin. As a result, co-owner Gunnar Logi Malmquist says, they have had to destroy some 50 litres of ice cream intended for stores.

The core of the matter is that they did not have a permit to make ice cream intended for sale in stores. However, other reasons also played a part, including regulations regarding what can and cannot be put on a food product’s label.

According to these regulations, labels on food products can only disclose facts about the product’s contents. On the label from Ísleifur heppni ice cream, they compare their ingredients to that of “traditional ice cream”. This included the contention that Ísleifur heppni ice cream is “made with love” while traditional ice creams are mass manufactured.

You can still enjoy Ísleifur heppni ice cream at Mathöllin, and if you do sample it, the contention that it is “made with love” will be made very apparent.

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