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Kleptomaniac Cat Wreaking Havoc In Iceland

Published November 27, 2017

Andie Fontaine
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Empire ottoman/Wikimedia Commons

A literal cat burglar has been stealing gloves, underwear, and other items from Icelanders in the small town Mosfellsbær, to the chagrin of the cat’s owner.

Vísir reports that the cat in question, Ófeigur (which literally means “unkillable”), has become well known as the neighbourhood thief, taking whatever he can carry from people in the town. Ólöf Loftsdóttir, the cat’s owner, told reporters she has felt guilty about Ófeigur’s behaviour, and has taken it upon herself to hang up his loot on a laundry line for neighbours to retrieve it.

“He’s come home with things that are clearly from the inside of people’s homes,” she said. “No one is leaving their underwear outside, so it’s fairly obvious he’s sneaking into windows and stealing.”

Ólöf said she first noticed this behaviour last spring. As is the case with many who have a compulsion to steal, his looting has only escalated as he chases after that first high.

Ófeigur appears to have a special predilection for gloves. If he steals one, he will reportedly go on the hunt for the other glove in the pair to complete his collection. As it stands now, there appears to be no end in sight to Ófeigur’s crime spree. Police have not been involved.

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