From Iceland — Icelandic National Team Down – Denmark To Blame (Again)

Icelandic National Team Down – Denmark To Blame (Again)

Published November 23, 2017

It’s happened again. They are back.

On the latest FIFA World Ranking Iceland falls one spot to 22, while this is obviously some sort of bureaucratic error, the real affront is that yet again the Danish inferiority complex towards us is showing, as they have now (somehow) overtaken us as the best ranked Nordic country.

Just as bad, it would appear that everything that transpired in the Dano–Swedish War of 1808–1809 has been forgotten, as Sweden (we thought we were friends) has conspired with Denmark to also overtake us on the list, also going up seven spots and currently occupying number 18.

Obviously this is some sort of Scandinavian royal plot concocted in the exuberant halls of Amalienborg and Kungliga slottet against the Icelandic republicans.

The Danes, oh, the Danes

Their history of blatant meanness towards us stretches way back. They monopolised all trade in the country, discussed moving us all to Jutland and considered us as nothing but dirty farmers (Ok, that may be true) and then of course there is that 1967 football match …

However, we still love Jørgen Jørgensen, the only king of Iceland, and Rasmus Christian Rask, who helped rescue the Icelandic language from the clutches of that gurgle typewriters-falling-down-stairs noise collective you call Danish. But they are just the exception that proves the rule. Also, returning the Saga manuscripts was cool, but everything else still stands!

Nu stopper I!

So, in the words of the poet laureates of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Twisted Sister: “We’re not gonna take it!”

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