From Iceland — Rent 14 Square Metre Room For 100,000 – Toilet In The Shower!

Rent 14 Square Metre Room For 100,000 – Toilet In The Shower!

Published November 8, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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Phượng Dương

Have you ever daydreamed about being able to take a shit in the shower? Well, good news everybody, now you can!

A real estate entrepreneur posted on the Facebook group Leiga á Íslandi – Rent in Iceland an ad for a 14 square metre room where the toilet has been placed in the shower, literally right in the shower.

This veritable poop palace will “only” set you back 100,000 ISK a month. But wait, there is more! The shower cum toilet is located right next to your bed, which is located inside your kitchen that also serves as your laundry room.

Who hasn’t been in bed way too hungover dreading the long walk first to the bathroom to shower and then to the kitchen. Maybe you even threw up on your favourite shirt and need to wash it. Now you can take care of all those things in the same room! Woah!

Location, location, location

As an added bonus the room is located in Hraunbær, which is only 10 kilometres away from downtown. So, not only do you never need to leave your room, there is basically no reason to anyway.

Isn’t the Reykjavík housing market great? This reminds you of the kind hearted soul who posted his no heating, but with wifi, dingy car on Airbnb earlier in the year.


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