From Iceland — Car Crash Pigs Given Much Needed Rest Before Being Slaughtered

Car Crash Pigs Given Much Needed Rest Before Being Slaughtered

Published October 13, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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Yesterday we reported on the 114 pigs that had a car accident in Árnessýsla in the south of Iceland. Despite what was initially reported, sadly 30 pigs died in the crash and the rest were given emergency treatment for their trauma and allowed much needed rest.

“They all seemed to be in a good condition and were taken by two trucks on their journey, to the slaughterhouse,” Þóra J. Jóns­dótt­ir, the animal wellbeing veterinarian for the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority told MBL. “There they were received by a veterinarian and each pig was inspected and allowed to rest.”

Þóra said that three of the pigs were taken to the hospital pen for treatment.

Stress is bad for the meat

The pigs were very stressed from their ordeal and were allowed to regain their composure before being slaughtered and Þóra said they were treated with care.

“The pigs were given water yesterday and allowed to relax. So they were well taken care of despite the short life they had left to live,” she said.

The meat is apparently fit for human consumption, despite being unusable in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

“The meat was of course more damaged then we usually see during normal transportation. But I don’t think any of the animals were completely thrown away. Some parts might, however, be deemed not fit for human consumption.”

Animal welfare paramount

Þóra claimed that there had been unanimous agreement between slaughter permit holders, the former owners of the pigs and veterinarians that the wellbeing of the animals was paramount.

“The sounder of swine was of course afraid, but I feel that the animals did really well,” Þóra said. “Some of them were investigating the moss and digging in the dirt, trying to adapt to the situation. What I also saw which I thought was positive, was the positive reaction of the pig to the owners arrival on the scene.”

The Grapevine loves a happy ending and we admire the resolve and positive attitude of the pigs. What a wonderful way to begin the weekend.

Here is Hollywood’s most famous pig Babe also being positive about new beginnings.

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