From Iceland — Remember Christine Douglass-Williams? She’s In Trouble Now

Remember Christine Douglass-Williams? She’s In Trouble Now

Published October 6, 2017

Jenna Mohammed
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Board member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Christine Douglass-Williams is being criticized by the Canadian government for her views on Islam and her warning to Icelanders. She is now being evaluated for her writings on Islam and can potentially lose her title as Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.


Christine occasionally writes for the website Jihad Watch, where she wrote an article entitled ‘Christine Williams: My Personal Warning To Icelanders.’ Racking up brownie points in Iceland, she took it upon herself to advise Icelanders about the potential threat to the country by Islam. Warning Icelanders to no be “fooled by the similes” of Muslims. She even personally called out The Grapevine for criticising Robert.

Given her position in Canadian politics, and her views on Islam, this raised a lot of questions and we wanted answers.

Under scrutiny

She spoke at a conference on Islam and the future of European culture in Iceland last May, where Robert Spencer accompanied her. She spoke on the issue of surveillance. Moreover, in an interview on radio station Útvarp Saga, she stated, “I think that time has come that we need to run surveillance in mosques.”

Christine’s views are contradictory to Canadian values and culture. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stresses that immigration and diversity is Canada’s strength. It’s apparent that Christine’s values don’t reflect this. Whether her position at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation will continue to be held by her remains to be seen.

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