From Iceland — Pirate Party Voters Least Neighbourly Icelanders

Pirate Party Voters Least Neighbourly Icelanders

Published October 2, 2017

A new poll by Market and media research has found that 87.8% of Icelanders are happy with their neighbours, but despite the overall happiness you might want to avoid moving in next door to a Pirate Party voter.

18.5% of Pirate Party voters disliked their neighbours with 8.2% being very unhappy with the people next door, compared to 12.1% and 4.8% among the total population. Compare this to the friendly Social Democrat voters, of which 96.9% like their neighbours, with 50.5% being incredibly happy.

Unhappy youths

There were also marked differences between age groups with the most anti-social being the 18-29 bracket with 18.9% being caught in the spiral of annoyances and noise complaints. It would seem that the older people get the more they like their neighbours with satisfaction levels rising through the age groups until peaking in the 68+ clique. Of those only 3.3% claimed to be unhappy.

Men also tend to like the people in their neighbourhood less than women, with 13.1% claiming to be unhappy compared to 11.1%.

Among professions, students, farmers and industrial workers, and office workers tended to feel the worst about their neighbours, while executives and homemakers were the happiest.

Socialise with Democrats, pass over the Pirates

In conclusion, if you are going to buy an apartment, pick one with a friendly, female retired executive Social Democrat voter living next door and prepare to enjoy pop ins, holiday greetings and Eurovision parties.

If, however, you find out that the beautiful duplex with the garden you and Susan planned on planting potatoes in is surrounded by 20 something year old male student Pirate Party voters, then maybe you’d be better off letting that dream die.

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