From Iceland — 5 Icelanders Stuck At Mandalay Bay Casino: "People Scattered & Ran"

5 Icelanders Stuck At Mandalay Bay Casino: “People Scattered & Ran”

Published October 2, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Bob Dass

Five Icelanders from the company NetApp were attending a conference in Las Vegas and were staying at the Mandalay Hotel when 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32 floor of the hotel.

Jón Þorgrímur Stefánsson, the CEO of NetApp spoke to Vísir, describing the terror that gripped the area as they sat at a restaurant in the hotel.

“We heard noises outside that sounded like fireworks. Everyone in the restaurant rushed out–it’s almost on the top floor,” Jón told Visir. “It was terrible watching as people scattered and ran. Shots poured down on the crowd at the outdoor concert across the street.”

Jón and two NetApp employees were having dinner when the attack took place, while two other employees were in their rooms. Since then they have been holed up in their hotel rooms.

Shootings and explosions

“We have been locked inside since the SWAT team came in with guns, pointing flashlights into our faces ordering us to lie down on the ground. They’ve gone down all the floors in that way. It’s horrible,” said Jón.

Jón says that he heard police engage the shooter.

“It was heard everywhere, shots and explosions. Now it’s deadly silent. We are locked on the top floor, around 150-200 people, waiting to be allowed to leave the hotel.”

58 people were killed in the shooting, with 404 injured. None of the Icelanders were harmed in the attack.

*The article has been update with recent information.

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