From Iceland — Rubbed Shit On Tourist's Windshield To Protest Outdoor Pooping

Rubbed Shit On Tourist’s Windshield To Protest Outdoor Pooping

Published September 19, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Einsi Cuda

A resident in the small village Vogar á Vatnsleysuströnd right outside Reykjavík, reached his limit this morning when he found a sleeping tourist in a car, who had defecated close by. As an act of reprisal the man picked up the poop and smeared it over the tourist’s windshield, reports DV.

The matter was discussed in a closed Facebook group for local residents where people seemed to agree with the act. A member named Einsi Cuda shared pictures of the scene with the following tagline: “Here a tourist spent the night, good location. Then the fucker went behind a container to shit. But we managed to return the shit to him after he fell asleep again.”

The reactions to the post were generally positive: “Well done,” said one member. “Rub it in the person’s face. The town should also maintain a supply of tar and feathers for such visitors,” said another.

DV has confirmed that the car is a rental.

Best of shit

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