From Iceland — Dead Mouse In Salad Leads To Hospitalisation, Owner Says It Was Planted

Dead Mouse In Salad Leads To Hospitalisation, Owner Says It Was Planted

Published September 19, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Amandil Eldamar, Creative Commons

Last weekend, a man sought medical attention after finding a dead mouse in his salad at the restaurant Fresco–which specialises in all forms of salads, reports Mbl.

The man brought the salad with him when he left Fresco for a quiet place to enjoy his meal, and that was when he discovered the creature.

It is unknown whether the mouse is a domestic one, or whether it came in the spinach in the salad, which is imported. An autopsy is currently being performed in order to establish the nationality of the rodent.


The restaurant was temporarily closed, while an investigation was performed by health authorities, and owner Einar Ásgeirsson is furious about the incident, which he claims is a setup.

“Some kid comes in here, buys a salad and takes it with him, after that the mouse is found,” Einar told Visir.

Police were informed about the matter on Sunday, which informed health authorities and Einar promises full cooperation with the investigation.

“The health inspection examined the restaurant and found nothing suspicious. Everything here is topnotch,” said Einar.

Einar is currently looking into whether he’ll demand a police investigation into the matter.

“What is going on? We must get to the bottom of this, so this doesn’t happen to us again,” said Einar. “The mouse was put in the salad by men who wish us harm.”

Maybe beetles, but not mice

Einar has been in the restaurant business since 1985 and he says he’s seen some shady customer behaviour, but nothing like this. He claims, for instance, that all manner of crap has been put under the cheese of his pizza places in attempts to get free pizzas.

He said that maybe flies or beetles could get into salads, but not mice.

“My sons and I (who co-own Fresco), are furious. Our life savings are in this place and now we are to be executed for something we don’t deserve,” he said.

Back to the source

Fresco gets its spinach from wholesaler Innnes–which imports the plant–and following the incident, the company has ordered a recall of all spinach sold from the same batch.

It is currently unknown whether the man is a vegetarian and was, therefore, upset about the dead salad mouse. Investigation is ongoing.

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