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“Icelandic” Fish Sold In North America Actually Chinese

Published September 14, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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Wikimedia Commons

A large part of fish sold in North America under the brand Icelandic Seafood is in fact not Icelandic at all, but actually Chinese, reports visir.is

Visir says that such misleading marketing has been going on for a long time under the auspices of the Canadian food producer High Liner Foods, which rented the Icelandic Seafood brand in 2011. Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted, the CEO of Framtakasjóðs Íslands, which owns Icelandic, says that the practise is set to end next year.

“We have a written agreement that this be stopped, and following our new contract [with High Liner Foods] next year the practise will end,” Herdís told Visir. She said that among thoe fish sold under the brand are Tilapia, which have far lower omega-3 fatty acid than other fishes sold for consumption.

Don’t worry, China makes everything

Whether you buy an iPhone or a Make America Great Again cap, you are buying “made in China”. Even a lot of “Icelandic design” is made there, so why not Icelandic fish? Hell, even President Trump made his campaign run on China.


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