From Iceland — Pro Evolution Soccer Turns Icelandic National Team Into Creeps

Pro Evolution Soccer Turns Icelandic National Team Into Creeps

Published September 13, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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As we reported last week, the Icelandic football national team will be included in the upcoming FIFA 18 game.

Then it was announced that the team will also be featured in the new Pro Evolution Soccer game (Hurrah!). We at the Grapevine got so excited that we bought a Playstation and preordered the game, and were planning on hosting a live #GrapevineSmites Twitter feed, telling of our heroic deeds of smiting 12 year olds across the internet.

That is why it was much to our dismay that, as you can see from the picture below, the normal Icelandic players have been swapped out for a rather less than fantastical fantasy team starring unrecognisable, yet strangely familiar faces.

For instance, from left to right you see Eurovillainfromdiehardson, Mugshotmethdealerson, Swedishmanstaringatyouonthebusson and Gymdouchebagson.

We are certain this new team will make us proud–if not on the football pitch, then at least in dark alleyways.

*Originally the article stated these pictures were from FIFA 18, that was incorrect. We just bought the Playstation and are noobs.

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