From Iceland — Woman Terrorised And Held Hostage By A Cat

Woman Terrorised And Held Hostage By A Cat

Published September 12, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Ben van Domelen

Vaka Dögg Björnsdóttir, her daughter and family dog had to seek refuge inside of the supermarket Samkaup in the Hlíðar neighbourhood of Reykjavík, after being threatened by a cat.

“As soon as he saw us he flashed his claws, hissed and jumped towards us,” Vaka told DV.”If this had been a dog, he would have been removed immediately. I’m not saying all cats are bad, but the same rules should apply for cats and dogs.”

Vaka, along with her daughter and dog, fled into the supermarket where a helpful employee helped tried to protect them. She said that the cat tried to “tear their dog to bits.”

She first talked about the horrible experience in the Facebook group Kattavaktin, which is primarily used for people advertising for missing cats. Vaka said that she feels threatened by the cat that is often hanging around her house.


“Last Thursday, he stood in front of the steps from my house and started attacking us when we tried to walk in the door. We weren’t threatening him at all, and my daughter wasn’t trying to pet him, or was my dog trying to sniff him.”

Vaka talked about how traumatic the experience has been and said that her six year old daughter loves cats, but her fear of this specific cat has given her nightmares.

“If this was a dog then he would have been captured, but cats are allowed to walk free. I know this is a cat, but if he is threatening your life then you have to inform people. If dogs are not allowed to walk free, then why are cats?”

Cats are jerks

It is well know that cats are assholes and in the video below you can see confirmation of that fact. So, we truly feel for Vaka–you stay strong girl.

Here the Grapevine proposes a possible solution to the cat terror.

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