From Iceland — A Stroll As Casual As Crushing Croatia

A Stroll As Casual As Crushing Croatia

Published June 12, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Hannes Halldórsson

They may be our mightiest, bravest and most virile heroes, and we may worship them as gods, but Icelanders understand that even the strongest must rest—which is why our national football team can walk around Reykjavík without being harassed.

Hannes Þór Halldórsson, aka the Scourge of Strikers, the unbeatable goalkeeper posted an Instagram video yesterday of himself casually walking home after the World Cup Qualifier match, with the text: “Only in Iceland you walk home after beating Croatia”. Also, only in Iceland do footballers drink mead at half time and shower in ram’s blood after each match.

Not that smiting Croatia caused much distress, but the fact that our legends can walk home in peace is a testament to the safety of Iceland. The Legatum Institute ranks it as the fourth safest country to live in, and the reason for that is the collective anger management therapy known as “Landsleikir”, or national team matches.

The video, however, was just a publicity stunt, as Hannes was in fact hidden away by his hulins hjálmur (helm of hiding), which is awarded to one national hero by the President every time a blood moon shines, the northern wind blows and a one eyed sled dog howls.


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