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Iceland V. Iceland: The Viking-Themed Christmas Party

Published December 6, 2016

Photos by
Malcolm C. Walker

Just hours after meeting with government representatives in Iceland (the country), Iceland (the store) held a Christmas party wherein their CEO had a sword fight with a “Viking” and won.

The Daily Post reports that the challenge arose in the midst of the party, to which Iceland Foods CEO Malcolm C. Walker told the crowd, “You have seen the news this week – I don’t know whose bloody stupid idea it was to have a Viking night tonight when the Icelandic government are suing us for the name!”

This was followed by a mock battle that ended with the wiry CEO “slaying” the Viking in question.

Despite Malcolm’s expression of surprise, Iceland Foods representatives told reporters that the theme was planned months ago.

As reported, Iceland and Iceland are in a dispute over the name “Iceland”, with the company contending they have used this brand since 1970 without incident, while the country argues the company’s trademark has actually made it difficult to sell Icelandic products with their country of origin on the packaging.

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