From Iceland — Imported Ice Cubes In Iceland Cheaper Than Domestic Ice Cubes

Imported Ice Cubes In Iceland Cheaper Than Domestic Ice Cubes

Published October 20, 2016

Photo by
Kristleifur Þórsteinsson

Not only do Icelandic retailers import ice cubes from abroad; they are also cheaper than ice cubes made in Iceland.

As reported, imported ice cubes can be found in a number of stores around the country, some of them touting themselves as “premium quality” ice cubes. RÚV now reports that these imports, which arrive by the tonne, can be up to 40% cheaper than ice cubes made in Iceland.

Rannveig Magnúsdóttir, a biologist at the Icelandic Environment Association, described the situation as “profoundly flawed”, pointing out that importing ice cubes – apart from being wholly unnecessary – also has a significant impact on climate change, given the fuel required to manufacture and ship the ice cubes. She added that Icelanders might not even be aware they are buying imported ice.

“I think that most people aren’t thinking about this, so it’s actually maybe tricking people a bit,” she said. “If we consumers don’t express our dissatisfaction with this situation, then nothing will happen.”

She adds that consumers still have considerable power, and can make the conscious choice not to buy ice cubes from abroad. The Grapevine would add that you can also buy ice cube trays and make your own ice at home, without even having to look up the recipe online.

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