From Iceland — Iceland's Gender Wage Gap Shows Women "Work For Free" From November

Iceland’s Gender Wage Gap Shows Women “Work For Free” From November

Published October 20, 2016

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Expert Market

A new pan-European poll from Expert Market measured the gender wage gap, to use as a scale for when women begin to effectively work without pay.

According to the results, the gender wage gap in Iceland is 14%. As such, Icelandic women are essentially working for free from November 10 onwards.

While disheartening, Iceland’s gender wage gap is at least slightly smaller than the EU average of 16.65%, meaning Europe’s women on average stop working for pay on October 31.

Where other countries are concerned, the gender wage gap is smallest in Slovenia, at 3.2%, meaning women are working with pay until December 18. Interestingly, the gender wage gap was greatest in another former Yugoslavian country, Bosnia, at 46%. This effectively means Bosnian women begin working without pay in mid-July.


Gender Wage Gap Decreases Slightly, Unevenly

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