From Iceland — Match Preview: THE SACKING OF PARIS—Iceland vs. France

Match Preview: THE SACKING OF PARIS—Iceland vs. France

Published July 2, 2016

And so, the next day of destiny in Iceland’s #EuroSaga approaches. After the giant-slaying of England, it’s time for a real blockbuster: a huge, historic showdown with the hosts at the Stade de France in Paris.

We at Grapevine have a wide range of people working in our sports analytics department, and for this historic fixture, we decided to really pull the stops out. Our crack team has been working day and night to bring you the most cutting edge information to help form a well-rounded and balanced prediction on how the game might go.

First, let’s start with the omens.

An Icelandic torrent pours from thin air in the royal château of Versaille.

Omens were everywhere.

We asked people to keep their eyes open for them.

A very good omen! Our shirts arrived in time for the game!

Next, let’s look at our definitive polling data.

Next, we forecast the gods’ will: as everyone knows, when Þór strikes his anvil, that’s when we get lightning. He started in NYC.

Before moving over the Atlantic. Good stuff.

And of course, we had our ear to the ground for rumours.

The true meaning of possession play was revealed.

And we took a look inside The France setup…

Here at home, Iceland’s artists have been killin’ it almost as much as the team.

And finally, just something to bear in mind…

And so, drum roll please, our predictions:



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