From Iceland — Iceland Smites T-Shirt Now On Sale!

Iceland Smites T-Shirt Now On Sale!

Published July 2, 2016

Update: Now womens sizes and 2XL/3XL!

Euro 2016 has been a lot of fun in Iceland, and especially here at the Grapevine. We’ve been having the time of our lives supporting the team, enjoying the atmosphere of downtown Reykjavík, tweeting a lot of smack and trash-talk about #RonaldoTears, Austria’s yodelling hill-folk, and the doomed French.

So when we went into the historic last-16 game against England, we decided it would be a fun to run a contest for an #ICELANDSMITES shirt to say thanks to all the people who’ve been enjoying it with us. We planned to give away 50 shirts. As it stands, we have over 1400 entries, and we awoke this morning to an inbox full of messages asking where the shirt can be bought.

Well, your wish is our command.

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Delivery FAQ
1. Yes, post-BREXIT Britain is still in Europe!
2. Lucky you! We’re ship worldwide via puffin / geothermal updraft.
3. For U.S. delivery select “Outside Europe.”

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