From Iceland — Match Preview: "BREXIT 2—THE SMITING"

Match Preview: “BREXIT 2—THE SMITING”

Published June 26, 2016

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Iceland’s dramatic late goal against the Austrians was one of the moments of the Euro 2016 tournament, and fired the team to a second-place group finish, below Hungary and above Portugal (can I get a… #RonaldoTears?).

But as well as being a quite euphoric moment (given voice by Icelandic commentator Gummi Ben) the second-place finish propelled the team into the second half of the tournament’s knockout stage.

For context, the teams in the first half of the draw (including Wales, Poland, Portugal and either Hungary or Belgium) boast not a single World Cup or Euro trophy between them; while the teams in Iceland’s half have won, collectively, 20.

This means Iceland’s journey to inevitable victory has evolved from David vs. Goliath into David vs. All The Goliaths. The path to the final could include playing footballing giants like Germany, Italy or Spain in the semis, after a quarter final against the tournament hosts, France.

But before that: vanquishing England in the last 16.

But, of course, viking conquests of England are nothing new.

Ahead of the game, England removed themselves from Europe single-handedly…

The draw could change their minds…

But was it all just David Cameron trying to avoid a smiting?

Informational post for Brexit-saddened English fans:

It’s also a clash of the gods and monsters…

But Iceland have won the respect of many England supporters.

The Scots rally around Iceland…

And the omens are with us…

And, of course, we have Gunnarsson.

Surprise squad rumours abound…

And the party preparations have begun in Reykjavík.

But hey, at least the defeated English can come whale watching.

Also, for some extra #ENGISL preview fun, here’s an interview about #ICELANDSMITES and Wayne Ronney’s blowhole on US public radio station PRI:

Áfram Ísland… onwards!

Iceland - Austria

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